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does not get rid with saves: The crime discussed the abandoned baby * husband extramarital affair with the non- crime, the wife cannot find the person to pound the husband's family'shome * son strangely to be missing the strange tragic death 100 kilometer outside lazy museums to welcome England to evaluate the bestplay clothing various types wedding ceremony entirely new * 6 years old to not to buy full-price ticket 1, 1 meter sign directrix was questioned the broadcast * disability child shouldered family (1)... to pick tattered husbands and wives following to adopt the pairs abandoned baby to report the Yang long-haired pelt free was the surgery traffic police to remind: Drives the attention to endure the good sign Pakistan armed personnel to participate in the funeral Iraq heavy snow to cause hundred person of casualties 12 my citizens South Korea to die the feminine lung cancer disease incidence rate rise "center Hualong" the great lamp to declarea position greets the 17th science development altogether toconstruct harmoniously constructs... the to adopt the orphan, the abandoned baby and the homeless children with disabilities, trains them the talent, is the child welfare home's important responsibility, causes the orphaned remnant child to adopt, again attains the dear ones and the family loves, is all welfare worker's wish. However, as a result of aspect the and so on history reason, still some part of grown-up orphans was detained the welfare home, this present situation delayed the grown-up orphan to enter the society, self-reliantly became the talent... 10 Yu Nian nurtured 3 abandoned babies (10,/30 15:10) freight vehicle "to nap" three elementary schools' to cause suspicion the driver wearily to drive (chart) (10,/26 11:47) the Huizhou Dragon Gate to have 2.7 magnitude of earthquakes to collapse without the house with the casualties (chart) (10,/24 11:43) Shantou Shaoguan Huizhou Zhanjiang four municipal party committees secretaries is a guest the network chatroom (10,/19 11:15)... you the current position: North the net > the news center > rolls the news main text key word: The newborn baby boy is abandoned a hospital person of health person of life critically ill 2008-01-10 09:40 Times news (Reporter Huang Chao) the day before yesterday and yesterday, the white clouds area first people hospital successively admits two abandonment baby boys. ... if abandoned baby matter (7 responses) 2007-09-28 16,/18 person thought this commentary useful firewood little girl (Shanghai) likes looking "Old friend Records" the Philippines perhaps must lose the period of time compared to confusing. Another Philippines compared to appeared, she and in the serial TV opera Philippines compared to the are same love with the hair clip, although does not have a long gold to send, she also frequently makes the silly matter to like saying the nonsense, but certainly... Wang Taiqu 65 year-old Tian Laotai 14 years ago compassion action, lets herand an abandoned baby connecting rod; 14 years have passed by, the same year abandoned baby has grown up, takes to this compassion mother not.. She enters as soon as looked that,in a roadside cotton-wadded quilt has a female abandoned baby . "That one day is specially cold, probably is 5 o'clock, at that time female infant's face all froze purple, shortly must freeze to death." ... several years past, he already successively donates money more than 3,000 Yuan for Jizhou and Wuyi's two children, is the Xingtai Guo Chunhui mother donates money 200 Yuan, is peacefully adopts abandoned baby's Wang Xiaofen to donate money 200 Yuan. A month ago, Dong Jingfu produced has ridden thetricycle "praised the party graciousness, Wan Lixing" the idea. This, he prepares using present not to delay the farm work to this April this period of time...

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