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is aims at the pharmacy development, the function formidable, operation simple, contact surface friendly, you are very quick can be able to be interested; 1st, supports the single storehouse / multi- storehouses orthe main office/branch store management system, may.. Is aims at the pharmacy development, the function formidable, operation simple, contact surface friendly, you are very quick can be able to beinterested; 1st, supports the single storehouse / multi- storehouses or the main office/branch store management system, Outside may... factory storehouse four links Xiao Cunqiao storehouse India town more regions property address household area rent Chaoyang District be exposed to the sun constructs SOH 1 room 1 hall 100 square meter 8,500 Yuan/monthof Xicheng District Xidan books building 2 room 1 hall 65 square meter2,800 Yuan/month of Chaoyang District Chaoyang District bright horse bridge connection swallow 2 room 1 hall 143 square meter 12,000 Yuan/month of... to be responsible for the project storehouse management, has work experience first all rights reserved: The person with outstanding ability net association constructs person with outstandingability net Copyright (C) 1999-2008 All rights reserved. the Beijing headquarters service consultation telephone: 010-82197168th, 82.197188 million, 010-62123388 revolution constructs the person with outstanding abilitynet... storehouse address: East Beijing Chaoyang District south three links agriculture light in 1st Lou Longhui building 10 big-ticket items storehouses address: West Beijing Fengtai area south passenger station square lotus flower 3 zip codes: 100,021 switchboards: 010-6735*6156 facsimile: 010-6735*5687 finance direct dialing: 67.358937 million storehouses direct dialing: 67.35 fermentation 5937 million guests take the direct dialing: 67.35862million ICP management permission... Beijing storehouse delivers goods the order form: 7-17 day; The Suzhou storehouse delivers goods the order form: 7-19 day; The Guangzhou storehouse delivers goods the order form: 9-25 day. Please note: 1. Draws back the commodity to have to have... (2) mails the order form, please will put in order the method to install the commodity to mail back this coverall commodity by the even postal form to deliver goods the storehouse , if will onlymail back in the coverall the partial commodities, we will have to mail back... the storehouse [ storehouse ] [ the Changping area ] Beijing entire to rent 20,000 Yuan/day landlords 07-12-21 to hire the basement storehouse [ storehouse ] (map) [ the Changping area ] the day to pass north the park... the storehouse and the location [ storehouse ] [ the Changping area ] the Badaling highway exportation rents 9,000 Yuan/month of landlords 07-08-14 Changping storehouse hiring to an east kilometer [ storehouse ]... Beijing Cuts the city Home page merchant yellow page with city community Free issue Category: The house information > the office/store hires the position: Beijing The planter breeds storehouse dormitory size 20 between, pigsty 10 Management information Serial number: 11.817975 million issues time: 2008-1-7 17:46:47 Has the prize to report to the authorities the recommendation collection Area: 10,000 Price: 4,000 Myself open in energetically rotary island Nanjing high speed neighbor may do the cultivation to plant the storehouse unmarried persons' quarter alone courtyard, the total area 5,000 square meters, including 4.5 Chinese acres lands, may breed the domestic animal domesticated fowl 10, storehouse two, the one-roomed 17 welcome persons from all walks of life put in order rent, gather rent. Non- intermediary So the information does n aesthete ot suit, you also may issue the office/store hires the information , waits the feedback! Relation: The direct short note relation (Beijing moves the office/store which populace card) this number issued to hire the information Mail: QQ/MSN: Correlation link Beijing The Beijing office/store hires the information The institute road store has hired [ Beijing ] (01-10) Lives the nation 2,000 hardbound writing rooms 280 square meters [ Beijing ] (01-04) East four north avenues stores have hired [ Beijing ] (12-19) The drumtower store has hired [ Beijing ] (01-04) Around the Xidan China prestige the store has hired [ Beijing ] (12-19) Jin Taifu the building property straight rents the many kinds of surface [ Beijing ] (12-29) The gold store hires - - hands over the road junction [ Beijing ] (01-09) Time sail [ Beijing ] (01-09) Beijing house information greatly entire Beijing house hiring Beijing individual rent a room Beijing intermediary rents a room The Beijing house gathers rents The Beijing house asks to rent Beijing business The Beijing office/store hires Beijing shop front/store transfer | Classifies the map about our | | help center | advertisement delivery | product service | channel | and 58 dialogues © 2,008 58 with city Beijing ICP card 060,405

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