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Harbin oasis healthy body club, in supposes the sunlightswimming, moves the feeling bicycle, the healthy body, has the oxygen to hold, the ping pong, the ping-pong and so on the multi-purpose athletic field hall. The healthy body center has the domestic first-class numerical control to have the oxygen healthybody instrument, provides the fine jade gal, the pula raises, the belly dance, the street dance, the Judo, has the oxygen to assault and so on dozens of kind of healthy bodies curricula, and opens .. (Full text) telephone: attorney 0451... place among the Nanjing east road two section of Jilin road and a river street, originally had the oxygen fine jade hair ornament worn by women in ancient times card according to train the teachers the organization, last September starts the foreign recruitment of students. On severalmonths, had thought Monday evening 6:40 Deng Nairong Mr.'s/Mrs.'s Pi Lati the Si foundation and Friday evening 6:40 Xie Conghua Mr.'s/Mrs.'s ZUMBA really ultra stick, attends class the population not to be many, recommends for thought the movement models the body... has the oxygen heart and lungs instrument jogging machine ellipse mobile feeling bicycle US import world to place the fifth Japanese rhodea to go against the level brand training instrument publi mountainside c transportation vehicle station: Construction work institute mountain east road station: You may ride 33 groups, 224 group, 210 group, 219 group, 374 group, 378 group construction work institutes caress stand on the way: You may ride Chairman Chen which 36 group, 309 group, 126 group, 602 group... takes the wrong handset, enters Doctor Sun the secretpersonally to carry on the mental healing by mistake for a patient to be able to shrink, had not thought this patient is swayed by personal gains and losses to his extramarital affair... has the oxygen healthily to hold passes on the time: 2007-12-24 examination/commentary: 100,0/0 person introduced that, The newest South Korea popularly has the oxygen healthily to hold the b newest South Korea popularly to have the oxygen healthily to hold e... the

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