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(navigation over-bridge to the west 500 meters roads north) the contact person: Dou Zhichao zhang Minglei telephone: 010-68725599 extension telephone 8,447 facsimiles: 010-68458922 bank account and account n abandon umber: west the bank three links sub-branches 2081657710001 responsibilities to arrange: The onesmile correlation content | website map | website chronicle | opinion suggested | the contact method | water conservation website greatly entire... to steam the bowl - (Jianxi street Dongkou to the pollster west 100 meters roads south) the fried cake - goes against the fragrant fried cake room (Long Shoucun ten sub- the sauce big bone --- bone village (propitious village ten sub- to the east 100meters roads north)...... the picture news more than 100,000 Yuan not to be able to find out in the young married woman cause of disease to the south 50 meters roads west) doctor to call suffers teacher to maltreat so rides in a carriage the wonderful move or to damage incurs... f foursome ourthvolume, in the spirit vulture palace nine days nine seek Tong Lao's direction as follows: an orientation, to the southeast, red sky to the south, Zhu Tianbu to the west south, approaches the west all day long, to west north, to north, luan day to northeast. But when found Tong Laohou in the East, goes back on the road first bumps into, is not... the left side of east to have the gap to the west stream of vehicles, however walks to the street among, actually west is blocked by right side to the east stream of vehicles. Rides a bicycle the person on the horizontal route to meet not on own initiative toward retrocedes. As a result of the bicycle automobile body length, such as soon as draws back, blocked in east to on the west trafficlane, if east as soon as started to the west vehicle not to decelerate gives way to traffic, discovered rode a bicycle the person suddenly to retrocede, had anxiously to check...

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