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Dresses up my spatial increase attention [ Material collection ] | | Reprints my space Duplication this article website Big typeface Han Dynasty army : Daytime battles the evening to make love Publication time: On January 04, 2008 12 o'clock 19 minute commentaries/browsing ( - / - ) Some period of time I specially am interested to Li Ling. After the parachutist Li broad person, the Li mausoleum solid educational foundation received from family elders, leads troops in the right way, originally to be supposed to do is a generation of great soldier leaves a good name for hundreds of generations, finally actually has become in the Chinese history the most renowned prisoner of war. He always only has hit a war, this war by 5,000 hit 80,000 Hsiungnu cavalry soldier casualties to be serious, has created in the feudal history military miracle. Is sent continually the crossbow fire by the mausoleum armed force to compel under walks, several want to give up Chanyu which besieges to the Li mausoleum remnants of defeated troops, actually surrendered after Li Ling marries own daughter for him, and entrusted with heavy responsibility to him. Li Lingwei loyally returns a favor Martial emperor of Han dynasty, cut has killed his entire family. Sima Qian boldly thrusts forward for Li Ling to defend, suffers the cruel punishment, finally will endure humiliation , writes down the eternity pinnacle of poetic creation "Shihchi". Li Ling when sees somebody off is been stranded Hsiungnu 19 year Su Wu returns to homeland, gets up the dance song to say: "Diameter Wan Lixi , will exert Hsiungnu for Mr.. Lu Qiongjue the arrow edge destroys, the gentleman audiences extinguish already . The old mother has died, although will want to repay a debt of gratitude settles turns over to!" Short several, may for Li mausoleum tragedy and the contradictory life the real portrayal! Li Lingji rich legend color life, may supply the research the place to be very many, my here only is simply records me in to read a question which in the Li mausoleum biography discovered. According to "Han History Volume 54. Li Guangsu Constructs Passes on 24" to record: "The mausoleum also fights also directs, south the number of lines date, arrives at in the mountain valley. The successive battles , in the soldiers the arrow wound, three creating carry , two creating vehicle, as soon as creating holds the soldier to fight. The mausoleum said that, "My morale little fades not being able to blow up, what? In armed force how can there be female?" When the beginning armed force leaves, the Guandong group robber wife accompanies the armed forces for to die the wife woman, greatly conceals in the vehicle. The mausoleum obtains by search, all the sword cuts it." When reads here, I thought very strangely, does is an extremely sharp army, how possibly allows to accompany the armed forces to carry the family member? In turn said, if an army accompanies the armed forces to carry the family member, it also can become crack troops? If the Li mausoleum really all has killed subordinate's wifves, they do not ask Li Ling to do accounts only then blame, how possible loyally delays follows his bloody battle to last the moment? If Sima Qian says: "The extension fights the great distance, an arrow poverty, gentleman Zhang Kongquan, braves the naked sword, north the first struggle mortal enemy, results in the person with all one's strength." Even if the mausoleum armed force period of five days tube dares "to perish falls Hsiungnu", that also is because "for school shame", but is not flushes a crown anger for the young person. Therefore, I extrapolated these "the sword are all cut by the Li mausoleum it" the woman is , but is not "the wife woman". Also looks at these pitiful women's origins: "The Guandong group robber wife ", they are the woman which a crowd because the husband is punished for an offense exiles in the boundary, accompanies the armed forces to be the prostitute is they can not but make perhaps or the quite good one kind of choice, like this only then can reasonably explain I question which proposed in front. Moreover, the Chinese history book has a very big problem, is pays great attention to moral the propaganda. Under such big principle, the distortion history true colors have become in the Chinese history book one kind of habit, this is reads time the Chinese history book must pay attention as necessary. Therefore the historian cannot take down in the Han Dynasty army in the history book to have this historical evidence is it can be imagined. Interesting is, above this event, only sees to Han History, but does not see to "Shihchi" and "Great historic writings of politicization" and so on the history famous work, probably is because person and so on Sima Qian and Sima light both cannot inscribe the Han Dynasty army in the history book to have , and is not willing to cover up or distort the facts in writing official histories the description, finally had simply to give up this section of historical data. Interesting is, European middle ages, also has the similar record: "In 1570, the French commander uneven preparation commanded the army straight hastens Italy, but in the army has come many travel fatigue females, caused the army to march forward takes the trouble. This commander gets rid of this difficult position the method to be specially cruel. According to Braun when records, he was drown to death these pitiful prostitutes at least had 800 people "the Western Love History (the Renaissance Time Volume)" P302." This simply was the Li Lingchuan European edition. "Sui Book Criminal law Will" records "succeeds one another from the Wei Jin, capital crime its heavy, the wife all makes up the soldier." Involves the Southern Dynasty Liang criminal law, including: "Plunders the body all to cut, the wife makes up the soldier." Shen Jiaben "All previous dynasties Criminal law Tests" pointed out that, "Chen (country also) with". Thus it can be seen, the criminal wife enrolls the army, once was the long-term general system. But, after these females enlist in the military what does? Had quite a part to accompany the armed forces the female to act as the janitor, for army safeguard rear service. Also had quite a part to accompany the armed forces the female to be compelled to start . The war the striking contrast which is brutal and the woman attentive forms causes the two often also to appear. Daytime battles, evening makes love, this is as if most conforms with the human sentiment to marching rewarding with food and drink. The Chinese army uses the history is remote. Sima Qian center has recorded this kind of matter in "Shihchi", goes to battle Hsiungnu's time, many servicemen hide the prostitute in the baggage car bring to start off together, Li is broad personally 11 searches these prostitutes completely kills. Soon, that regarded as the woman disasters Li Guangye to perform afterwards to approach the identical play. "Great historic writings of politicization" volume 268 "back rest too ancestor two years": " the king (Zhu) the friend , its mother state camp leads." Hu three provinces notes: Artemisia stelleriana "History": The friend small character remote is happy, the mother loses its surname, this state camp prostitute. In Tang Guangqi, the emperor sacrifices for the state, incurs waits on the bedroom. The month -odd, goes to the shed, to considers. Is when a Yuan loyal empress virtuous has favors, the emperor element fears it, does not take along by the fruit turns over to the summer beam, because keeps the state, stores it by other dwelling. , the prostitute by has a son considers, emperor happy, therefore saying of the character "remote is happy". Latter welcomes turns over to Kaifeng. This story has reflected at that time in the armed force the existence camp prostitute's situation, because this battalion prostitute is commanded holds, its destiny appears slightly good somewhat, although also the poor quilt "the shed goes", but finally or had the good home to return to. Conceives an ordinary soldier the woman, is cannot have so the treatment. Is following time passing, "in armed force not female" the ancient precept is gradually not mentioned, but gradually becomes one kind of relatively universal existence. Tang Dynasty frontier fortress poet Cen Canpian "the Military song center had disclosed in Yumen Guan Gaijiang" General Ge leads the army "in the armed force the safe but the enjoyment, embroiders the curtain is red " leads a life of comfort the life. Altogether 0 commentaries examinations more commentaries $ {layer} the building $ {nick} comments the time: $ {pubdate} $ {content} $ {autograph} | | Altogether 0 commentaries examinations more commentaries Copyright? 1,998 - 2,007 TENCENT Inc. All Rights Reserved leaps news company all rights reserved ^M

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