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by the insolation to CCTV the genuine and fake tobe difficult to distinguish for a while . Most newly explodes material Zhang Bin Yi to resignto CCTV? Discloses since the event, the on-line each kind of news is unceasing, two pieces mentioned two litigants should be right to the event.. Wants to select other reply: Re: Zhang Bin has been tabulated by the insolation to CCTV resignation card 8 buildings not as for the resignation? -- Indulges in flights of fancy to reply the time: 2008-1-4... "also to have other means" conveniently to hold a kitchen knife, was simply agile cuts off the connection gas piping rubber hose "like this shuts off the coal gas" Hasegawa: ".. The faci housebreak al color gloomy is difficult the person which distinguishes to perform the puppet show. "This is the new person which must join immediately?" Big evil spirit long Greece fine jade Germany has also crowded, saw this puppet show... cat (21): Now first does not discuss other , I see above you a speech: "Second, I am an evil spirit beastly world area trade union association president, doesnot need to rob any person number".. Reminds each position in this,,766 games networks to play the family friend, the network information is difficult to distinguish really falsely, everybody is sure not the light word to readily believe, incorrectly relays an erroneous message." The original placard is: ... The "Color, Abstains" the fervor scene genuine andfake to be difficult to distinguish initia provoke tes hotly to discuss former days wild Che Mu today the glory to ascend "2,007 miss world" in the throne street corner solid racket - fable back murderer.. Ear: You happy silly young, you cannot see his wife and other man has an affair ~ that happy vigor! ! Eye: My eye does not see for only! Nose: Your boundary is high! Disobeys...

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