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Hundred home pages | hundred spaces Frances forever Why? Because... I'm Frances Main page abundant guest photo album | personal record file | good friend Examines the article Excited concert! ! ! 2008-01-02 23:48 Just listened to the concert to come back, a word: Amazing! ! ! Fantastic! ! ! Magnificent! ! ! To this is not three words ~ ~ in any case, special stick! ! ! One by one said, that first said "the piano prince", Li Yundi schoolmate! ! ! Really, after sees the first feeling is "this child really leads ~", really very graceful ~ ~ likes the wooden village to develop ah ~ ~ ha-ha ~ ~ today Xiao Li schoolmate plays or the Chopin song, Andante Spianato & Grande Polonaise in E flat major, Op.22 very pleasantly to hear, very moving ~ ~ I sit in the 2nd row, looked the thief was clear ~ ~ had finally understood, Li Yundi ate meal takes the chopsticks to use is "the hand", I ate meal take the chopsticks to use am "the claw" ~ ~ that am a pair of piano, Should play the piano since birth. Looked coming out, he shoots goes all out very much, on the face has all perspired, guarantees inside the advantage to be specially hot, Li Yundi also put on velvet evening dress ~ ~ me to want to let him at that time first scratch the perspiration to shoot ~ ~ pitiful child ~ ~ Xiao Li schoolmate to shoot again, has gotten down ~ ~ ha-ha, our audience very much the cow, continuously continuously applauds today (ha-ha, also included myself ~ ~), Li Yundi answered a curtain call 6 times, had the Canadian 2 songs ~ ~ ha-ha, people's merit! ! Felt Li Yundi very shy, -odd prosperously hints lets him most front answer a curtain call to the stage, he is only willing to hide behind that triangle piano (certainly, that piano in front) ~ ~ ha-ha, he special obvious ~ ~ said again Liao Changyong, this also very fierce, sings Italian opera not to be all unambiguous, the sound special abundance, no wonder multi- Ming Ge likes him ~ also having, this fellow sings the opera very to be unexpectedly also slender ~ ~ also has open healthily one, he is from the American Julie peaceful conservatory graduation! ! That place but musician's cradle! ! ! Moreover heard that place can go in all is the world goes against the level music talented person ~ ~ Angela Gheorghiu, Soprano, the long special unattractiveness, the stature also specially good ~ sings is also good! She sings after, is recalled by ours applause, healthy as soon as sang in a chorus with "La Deme Aux Camelias" the center to toast the song ~ ~ too to be classical! ! They also jumped in the stage section of dances ~ ~ ha-ha, people's ! Tonight most likes the program is the Wang Jian C major cello concerto third music movement! ! ! ! Too classical! ! ! ! ! Wang Jianla qin time I was thorough am been moved! ! ! Originally the Haydn song writes very classical, again is played by Wang Jianla a more classical ~ ~ ~ king to be healthy simply is second Yo-Yo Ma! ! ! He long also specially lovable, eye small, nose small, the mouth is also small.. In any case special lovable! ! ! He at performance time also likes with nose specially loud gasping for breath, specially teases ~ ~ him as soon as to play, in the auditorium has seethed with excitement ~ ~ this is entire audience applause most intense ~ ~ under ours unanimous request, Wang Jian has played, this was the solo, result Canada played is also longer than the official performance program.. This child too was solid! ! ! Also has specially admires his is, he is the Yale graduation... -odd prosperous direction quite is also splendid! ! ! ! He added the quite several speeches ~ ~ ha-ha, today really were too excited! ! Category: Thought | increases to searches for the Tibet | browsing ( ) | the commentary (21) Recent reader: commentary: 1 2008-01-03 00:38 Ha, really is a good excited concert oh! ! ! How do you write charmingly, vivid, all infected our everybody! Piano prince "Li Yundi if comes the speech which Shanghai performs, I also in any event must go looked how oh ~ ~ can you be has bought the 2nd row of seat clip clop? "that is a pair of piano, should play the piano since birth..." He special obvious..." Too envied you! ! ! 2 2008-01-03 00:53 Li Yundi,1,982 years on October 7 had been born in the Sichuan Chongqing. In October, 2000, Li Yundi relies on "E Folk song Concerto" to capture the 14th session of Chopin international pia narcissist no competition gold prize which holds in the Polish Warsaw, becomes the Chopin piano to compete for 70 year youngest prize-winner, for 15 year first the pianist which has the reason to win this big prize, by the reputation is "the piano child prodigy", "the first in the world music talent". 2001 year's end Li Yundi signs a treaty round the world the music DG phonograph record, promotes the first special edition "Chopin To select", the sales volume creates the record, until now he has promoted...... I also have Li Yundi many CD and DVD oh, likes "Encores" An Keji, "Yundi Li: Chopin "," Yundi Li:Liszt "," Chopin: Scherzi.Impromptus "," Yundi Li:Vienna Recital ".. etc. Also some many he DVD which plays at each kind of concert and so on, extremely likes Liszt which he shoots "La Campanella" & "Liebestraum No.3", as well as all Chopin ~ ~ Your description lets the feeling which I has plants experiences personally, actually even more lets me think of "seeing something once better than hearing hundred times" that saying ~ ~ 3 2008-01-03 01:03 Frances, you said "Liao Changyong this fellow will sing opera unexpectedly also very slender"? Ha ha, smiled dies I, you probably were lose weight reduce a little overstate ~ ~ He is by the reputation is "the most exquisite Chinese people baritone"! On October 25, 1968 Chinese Sichuan Chengdu Pi county ancient city and countryside two batardeaux villages In 1995 graduated by the master's degree from the Shanghai conservatory In August, 1997 Norwegian "Song Ya Queen the" international vocal music competed first In 1994 the France Paris International vocal music competition best French song sang the prize In September, 1996 French 41st session of chart Lu this international vocal music big game first big prize In June, 1997 bright spear world opera big game first big prize...... Multi- Ming Ge certainly likes him! Open healthy one and Wang Jiandu is from the US professionally-trained worker oh! 4 2008-01-03 01:30 Honestly speaking, Li Yundi is very graceful, moreover this is a very important target causes me to think he ringing is better than ~ ~ ha-ha, always thought ringing somewhat makes Xiu's feeling, the cloud enlightens the schoolmate to have musician's feeling ~ ~ always to think very much the musician should be unusual refined, is ignorant of affair, naive, likes fantasizing.. The musician was not after all the entertainer... ringing too trade, too has only enlightened like the entertainer ~ cloud in overseas quite is famous ~ ha-ha Liao Changyong will be calculated thin, you looked will sing the opera one each one all to resemble with the orangutan (ha-ha, inappropriate analogy ~) ~ ~ Really specially likes Wang Jian! ! Also has the possibility is the comparison likes cello ~ him and the cloud enlightens long all not to like, but two people both have the same feeling, very humble, is very shy, has the artistic breath very much ~ ~ On comes Beijing from 5 years old with the parents to listen to the new year concert together (at that time Hou Jiahuan in Jinan, but also rides train/airplane to come Beijing specially to listen Lohwei ~), all has formed a habit ~ ~ although my piano doesn't have persisted how well, but actually has raised the music interest ~ ~ ha-ha, or compares thank the parents to raise my this hobby ~ ~ 5 2008-01-03 02:53 I always thought Li Yundi and ringing is , those two all are in the present world the most apex level young talent pianist! ! ! Ringing extremely receives in US welcome, well-knownness is very high, but relative receives the silver but actually really to send the race affection! Has said (possibly is single opinion) ringing in gazing which China as soon as starts not to receive should have, is because of he very at will American Style, after did not like then also Li Yundi to become famous very quickly obtains extreme specialized the commercial packing, widely known! Li Yundi really leads, but ringing very handsome is also bright? ? ! ! Sings the opera one each one all to resemble with the orangutan? Ha ha ~ ~ will only like Liao Changyong such capably will be indeed very rare at the opera ~ ~ You on come Beijing from 5 years old with the parents to listen to the new year concert together? Ha! Good is happy oh! Yes, learns to play the piano generally all is since childhood for raise the music the interest, I also and you are same, some how many people can have Li Yundi, ringing they such talent oh! 6 2008-01-03 09:52 My at that time marquis as soon as saw the piano to want to spit ~ ~ me all quickly to have a mortal hatred of the piano ~ ~ each time all t accordion o want at that time to practice the qin in the home also to have no way to play! ! ! I in childhood continuously all quite mischievous, peacefully lets me sit down 10 minutes I all to unable to sit still, let alone practiced the qin ~ ~ moreover my mother specially to be also severe to me, frequently took the ruler to hit my claw ~ ~ hum ~ therefore did not have any good impression since childhood to the ball piano ~ ~ But music ~ ~ ha-ha, or very likes ~ ~ ha-ha, I did not know why like this, always thought my mother hits me and the music does not touch on slightly, the music very happy very is always sacred ~ ~ P.s forgot to say, I thought Li Yundi yesterday hairstyle very good ~ ~ ha-ha, very is continuously all good ~ ~ does not like present popular such, each male student's hair was not is has the romanticism breath like the hedgehog like Zhou Jielun ~ ~ Li Yundi hairstyle comparison ~ ~ ha-ha also to have, always thought the Wang Jianchang picture Japanese ~ ~ hairstyle also liked ~ ha-ha 8 2008-01-03 13:03 In the US. almost all major critics prefer Li (New York Times, for instance). They say that Li and Lang Lang are equally talented, but Li is the one who is more poetic, more probing and has depth. Lang Lang is more superficial. The others said ~ ~ only I thought said very to.. 2 kind of different style, , depend on ur taste, prefer poetic or superficial~ 9 2008-01-03 18:13 Whatever~~~~~ I only know ringing, moreover had proven the Chinese talented person is a superior nationality! ! ! China too needs this kind of person to be good the foreigner dregs steps on under the foot! ! ! ! ! ! 10 2008-01-03 18:20 China has very many very splendid, the world first-class musician, enlarges violin Yo-Yo Ma, the king is healthy; Ball piano Li Yundi, ringing all is ~ ~ Chinese is intelligent ~ ~ ha-ha, but ringing apparented joins the beautiful nationality ~ ~ also is only a Chinese! 11 2008-01-03 22:18 Young Chen, you regardless of said any, all can let the person laugh oh ~ ~ only your speech also really to make sense! ! ! Frances, the critic said Li Yundi is more poetic, more probing and has depth is extremely appropriatelies! Must know Chopin's song, the light from the skill to say, difficulty very high, in addition Chopin element by piano poet world-famous, must simultaneously perfectly knead together and express that kind of poem the romantic ideal condition, that is not easier! Li Yundi can when his 18 years old, depends on "E Folk song Concerto" to capture the 14th session of Chopin international piano competition gold prize which holds in the Polish Warsaw, becomes the Chopin piano to compete for 70 year youngest prize-winner, the reality is the talent! The Chopin international piano competition is every five years only then, in front of him already had continuously two vacancies (rather to lack do not overflow), therefore said Li Yundi was for 15 year first the pianist which had the reason to win this big prize! 12 2008-01-03 22:38 The commentary always is Li Yundi and Lang Lang the comparison, that fully explained those two are the identical rank standard musician In the newspaper always said they are Two huge, distinct talents! ! ! Early time, << the Chicago forum >> the commentary said that, Such for many years, the court attendant bright has been allowed to call on is this time is most outstanding, greatest young musician! He plays a stringed musical instrument is similar to speaks the story dramatically ~ ~ his performance already to receive the American audience also to receive Germany to like, relatively says, the German and Austrian crazier, many Germans are possibly listening to Lang Lang performance, can be able not help to burst into tears, perhaps is because these two countries like the music the person quite are many ~ ~ ~ ~ 13 2008-01-03 22:58 The court attendant was bright once plays on the American President Bush's invitation in the White House, this throughout history the first place Chinese musician attains this great honor! ! ! Whole families Bush all are Lang Lang bean or sweet potato starch noodles, ha-ha ~ ~ ~ ~ The English Charles prince extremely likes the classical music, also specially hoped the son William prince likes the classical music, he once hoped Lang Langneng affects William, lets him like the classical music, after soon, Charles satisfiedly tells the court attendant brightly: "Recently discovered in the building the rock and roll static have been little many, possible William to be brightly affected the court attendant already falls in love the classical music." ~ ~ Li Yundi also repeatedly in world each place and so on US performed in recent years, more and more for the American audience understood and the affection, each kind of high praise were more and more many, also was the logical matter! Anyway, Li Yundi and the court attendant are bright, all is our Chinese's arrogant! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 14 2008-01-04 00:08 I am very like the classical music.... but, I also extremely deeply love ~ ~ specially am gothic rock ~ ~ ~ I am the contradictory body.... 15 2008-01-04 00:31 Oh. . . Frances speaks this to be called Chen to be humorous! ! ! But I am cannot smile ~~~~ I but actually to think I discriminate against foreigner ~~~~ to have the Nazi very much to favor the ~~~~ ha ha Kazak I like He Jie! ! ! ! Ha ha ~~~ only is because it is long very likes that ~~~ ha ha ~~~~ not to have. . . I but actually very little listen to classical music ~~~~ 16 2008-01-04 00:35 What is clean ~ ~ Ya, did not say any ~ 17 2008-01-04 01:13 This indicated frances Chen is humorous has not studied proficiently, young Chen? You like what being clean? I like Jin Sha! She and Lin Junjie sings in a chorus << has been blown by the wind the summer >>, listens well oh! ! The song is the forest handsome masterpiece, tries following two Links: ? Word=%B1%BB%B7%E7%B4%B5%B9%FD%B5%C4%CF%C4%CC%EC&pos=1&s=3 Mentioned skillfully, most recent several days have just bought Jin Sha's CD, inside had two, discovered second was He Jie, waited me also to listen to look He Jie sang ~~~ 18 2008-01-04 02:41 Chen is humorous? The young Chen's thing I do not embezzle copyright oh ~ ~ me to like a Chinese singer, Chen Chu have lived ~ ~ but the present to think at that time marquis also very silly ~ ~ recently again listened to "Tell mw why", the very fine child's voice, the sound is very clean ~ likes ~ ~ singing this first song child now and my almost great ~ ~ 91 year December ~ 19 2008-01-04 03:09 He Jie and Brother Li Yundi is discussing the love oh. On-line has explodes. . . Day before yesterday for great triumphantly made the phone call, I said Li Yundi was holding reporter to look for the girlfriend, I said I thought Li Yundi and He Jieting appropriate, was the piano prince, in collected, makings good, was the bold super female voice, the disposition just right supplementary, was the Chongqing person, was the Guizhou person, the meal taste is also consistent. I said I very want to make an intermediary to them. Great triumphantly reaches an agreement, our this Thursday meets chats. Had not thought this morning reads the news, what clean unexpectedly night rushed the traffic accident, for great triumphantly made the phone call not to also meet. It seems like, this Duan Ximei temporarily must slowly. 20 2008-01-04 03:09 Explodes the material address 21 2008-01-04 05:24 Frances, "Chen the humorous" affirmation has not applied for the copyright, you Don't worry, ha-ha ~ ~ mmm, my friend also gives me to recommend Chen the Chu fresh song, has listened to several, also sings good! You said "Tell mw why", is sings by English child star Declan Galbraith? His 4 years old start to expose sing the talent,8 years old to start to attend some music competitions, and once won 16 big prizes in 14 months that? 22 2008-01-04 10:15 1,920 buildings are any ~ ~ corona ~ To, was that Declan Galbraith, the childhood sound very good, but present ~ can say ~ ~ or the child's voice to be good general ~ ha-ha © 2,008 Baidu # 51 on Saturday January 19th 2,008! Who I'd like to meet: Hong Kong musicians, Hong Kong bands, Hong... 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