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from the geographical position to look should be the beastly person's battallion ! The deafening huge sound as well as the thick smellof gunpowder rapidly fluttered Ahl to fill Si's army here! The knight rolls in Ahl fills under Si's order, sped up the speed, has rushed the beastly person battallion entrance. Only sees in th e battallion all accounts camp, attacks city artillery vehicle and so on, is already exploded the fragment, the flaming roaring flame is firing in the battallion ... the quickly pursues to that fullback battallion time, the enemy has only been left over more than 400 people. So goes all out, originally is attempts to enter to the battallion in . The broken battallion , has already been too tired tomove any further... in the battallion appeared the new troops, aids runs away the enemy to enter the battallion . Is an audience which originally runs away have caught up with the solar perspiration troop, had reported the battallion suffers the news which raids, is on duty the fullback... not sand battallion towerLuo to puncture the hoof duty reward knowledge dagger as well as the 2G70 silver coin and 7,550 experiences 3. Pu and Ess Towle enlightens the duty rank: 58 accepts the rank: .. To not sand battallion prophet branch Lu Larke reported you found information. Outset NPC finished NPC not sand battallion prophet branch Lu the Larke duty to reward 1G85 the silver coin 8550... attention: Greedy, we only have a peak camel with the line (a 4 people of peak), evening we return to 4,000 meter about the battallion , here cooperation and the hunchbacked labor have already completed the supper for us, constructed the battallion . Fourth days: In the battallion / Kashi air conditioning the hunchbacked labor dawn embarks, after the team member breakfast returns to the mountain pass on foot. Reorganizes the equipment in the herd common people, after the lunch... the

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