heartless enticement

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Was the money beautiful woman has enticed greedy and the desire, or was greedy and the desire has enticed the money beautiful woman? Peaceful hospital Chair Jiang Fuquan terrorizes men and take their women using the authority forms cliques for selfish ends, becomes a local tyrant. Under his leadership, a Taipingzhen medical affairs piece of darkness. Saves from impending death white-coated warrior which assists the wounded, unexpectedly and plunders the robber is a companion of; Treats the illness to save the patient the medical unit, has unexpectedly become the location which murders for money; Looked the system vacation sells if the child's play, regards the patient life like to be worthless; The nurse suffers the tribulation, the common people innocently is killed... ... Clicks on reading | Recommendation voting | Puts in the Tibet bookshelf | | Book friend meeting 1. first chapter of peaceful hospital Copy editor: 2007-05-01 Yuan the Xiaofang disposition extroversion, likes putting on the clothes appearance, frequently traces the eyebrow to put on make-up, to put on the low chest unlined upper garment, the build trousers, fully exposes own youth and the sex appeal. She beautiful very quickly confused but actually Chair Jiang Fuquan... ... 2. second chapter of full of affection chief Copy editor: 2007-05-01 Chair Jiang blood boiling, hurriedly walks to Yuan the Xiaofang side, held in the arms her dissolutely to kiss. He maliciously extends the hand to the Yuan Xiaofang's buttocks, planned makes some indecent movements... ... 3. third chapter of confused love Copy editor: 2007-05-07 In the Yuan dawn heart of a young woman is somewhat flurried, like this alone faces a mature man, obviously is to her one kind of test, receives no matter has any matter, this moment she all cannot lose the feminine dignity in any event... ... 4. fourth chapter Copy editor: 2007-05-07 The love strength is huge, the love can cause the stupid person to be stupider, the love also can cause the smart person to change muddled. Yuan Xiaofang this moment is precisely this... ... 5. fifth Chair Zhang talks about old days Copy editor: 2007-05-07 She made an effort to pinch my, quietly said: "The fool, I am let you... ... " Was saying, then pulls mine hand, lets me trace she that smooth body... ... 6. sixth chapter is rivals for sexual favor Copy editor: 2007-05-07 To sister-in-law although long results in does not calculate attractively, but carriage plentiful, is not fat is not thin, very sex appeal. At that time was the summer, Yu Saochuan few, was more attractive. Chair Jiang stares at her two milk to look... ... 7. seventh chapter of hospital seizes deceitful Copy editor: 2007-05-07 She thought the entire heat radiating from body nearly must burn, then starts to escape own clothes, two... ... She has taken off all clothes, lets the beautiful youth luster of the skin demonstration in front of Chair Jiang... ... 8. eighth chapter has been with the child Copy editor: 2007-05-09 Yuan Xiaofang knew, at the beginning of is pregnant the girl makes the stream of people, has to oneself hundred harms does not have an advantage. But doesn't this kind of not honored being pregnant, how make the stream of people to be supposed? She really regretted oneself should not take the youth to make the gambling stake to flatter Chair Jiang... ... 9. ninth chapter of hypocrisy Copy editor: 2007-05-09 The general men all are this, needs your time, sweet words and honeyed phrases, solemn pledge of eternal love. But when they had achieved when own goal, could trade a countenance, all kept all bitter fruits for the woman which not helped... ... 10. tenth chapter experienced and careful Copy editor: 2007-05-09 Jiang Fuquan sees the coming person is the strange young fellow, in the hand also is carrying the thing, suspected probably is the position gives a present, thereupon very politely lets him the room, and has but actually gotten up cup of tea for him... ... 11. 11th chapter of red line pulls the sentiment Copy editor: 2007-05-09 The matter occurs in two months, on one day dreary brillant mother's sister family drops around, because for a while careless, is been small in the city passenger depot secretly, the wallet and the ticket are all robbed, including bought ticket the money all not to have... ... 12. 12th chapter substitutes stealthily Copy editor: 2007-05-11 Somehow, that day gets the home, young fellow's shadow continuously at present to sway in her. When evening sleeps, she has remembered the young fellow, she was thinking his form, was thinking his facial expression, was thinking he speaks the sound, is thinking... ... 13. 13th chapter of necklace disturbance Copy editor: 2007-05-09 Jiang Fuquan although is lascivious, but actually can remain pure and incorruptible in outside, disagrees any strange woman to have the sex act. This he is but actually aloof from worldly affairs, but is because he fears in the infection the venereal diseases. Therefore, he has stayed several days in outside, has not always been intimate with the woman. Now his hunger thirstily is hard to take... ... 14. 14th chapter attacks brutally Copy editor: 2007-05-09 Yuan Xiaofang has been afraid, she or the first time sees Head Nurse Tang to get angry. The hoodlum is not at a disadvantage from the outset, or shunts her. She draws back to the gate nearby, wants to open the gate to slip away, actually is divided by Tang Shu Ying the chest to hold... ... 15. 15th chapter of dilemma Copy editor: 2007-05-09 Tang Shu Ying recognized is the necklace which Jiang Fuquan disbursed money buys, Jiang Fuquan argued over and over that, she did not listen, two people failed to agree then quarrelled. Jiang Fuquan was mad has fallen the teacup... ... 16. 16th chapter unexpectedly finds a way out of a desperate situation Copy editor: 2007-05-11 Dreary brillant is delighted, he already finds out only does, a piece is may make money, two pieces are may avoid Chair Jiang to Yuan Xiaofang's pestering; Only painstakingly to as soon as lacks the fund, two lacks the domain, has one's wish with difficulty. Now had the such good opportunity, where can'thave the principle... ... 17. 17th chapter is open for business the extraordinarily good luck Copy editor: 2007-05-11 The dreary brillant two thick eyebrows tight are suddenly pressed, on the face floats dark clouds immediately. His very repugnant Yuan Xiaofang discusses the merit for Chair Jiang to suspend, this is the bald on louse, Ming Baizhuo matter, his Chair Jiang is willing such to sell the strength, but also is not for... ... 18. 18th chapter becomes greedy at the sight of money Copy editor: 2007-05-11 Yuan the Xiaofang certainly to be sure fool, this kind of hypocritical speech she simply cannot believe. Because she knew, dreary is brillant simply is not that kind of broad-minded personality open-minded person. Selfish, oversuspicious, the envy, he is equally all does not lack, is lacks the magnanimous mind... ... 19. 19th chapter knows how to make money Copy editor: 2007-05-11 In order to solicit business, expands own well-knownness, he spent has bribed two fortune-tellers, let them go through villages and houses calling at people's homes helps the outpatient clinic to create the propaganda, introduced how their medical skill was to be wise... ... 20. 20th chapter of secret prescription handed down in the family Copy editor: 2007-05-11 Human's desire is forever is unable satisfiedly. Worked as the wealthy person to want to serve as an official, was emperor to want to become an immortal. Dreary is brillant this moment certainly does not satisfy the present situation, he now most longs for is can fish more moneys... ... 21. 21st chapter of remain at post without pay Copy editor: 2007-05-15 Perhaps is the menopause reason, always personality temperate she, suddenly changes the temperament hot tempered to get up, often on has a fit of temper with the nurses, made the nurses have all had the repugnance to her, in particular that ugly servant girl Zhao joyful, is always indignant for Yuan Xiaofang... ... 22. 22nd Chair Zhang elects Xiu Copy editor: 2007-05-15 After Wang Xiaoxia exits, Jiang Fuquan has wrinkled the brow, thought: Good your Wang Xiaoxia, unexpectedly dares publicly to reject me. Humph! So long as you do not leave the peaceful hospital, so long as you also in under my Jiang Fuquan leadership, looked I how slowly do tidy up you... ... 23. 23rd chapter of Copy editor: 2007-05-15 The Liu nurse has doubts looks Yang is attractive, thought: This servant girl goes to and chief converses, what adeptly is responsible until completion? Really is bewildered. She is in the hospital senior nurse, speaks the management quite to be also steady, she knew this is individual privacy... ... 24. 24th chapter of wisdom fights chief Copy editor: 2007-05-15 Chair Jiang really wants to flush, snatches her tape recorder, on the scene destroys the magnetic tape, but he has not dared. Because his knew Yang Qianhen can fight, heard she has coped with three hoodlums... ... 25. 25th chapter of sex maniac capacity for clear thinking Copy editor: 2007-05-15 She has put on the pink tissue one-piece dress today, this dress material thin is nearly transparent inside, may clearly see the bra. Chair Jiang is familiar with observes closely her chest to look, the day, where has any bra... ... 26. 26th chapter of nightmare fright Copy editor: 2007-05-15 Jiang Fuquan feels extremely flattered, suddenly thought Yang attractive sentiment exquisite gentle lovable, has touch of humanity very much, likes such which the oneself past imagined sloppy indifferent to be heartless by no means. He hurries stands up received the teacup, smiles was saying... ... 27. 27th chapter of vertical child commits murder Copy editor: 2007-05-15 Several elder brother pat the chest to take a stand immediately, said does not have the question, we all are the iron brether, although does not compare the peach garden three to become sworn brothers, may also study Uncle Qin valuably brave grave dangers and make great sacrifices for the friend ha... ... 28. 28th chapter bullies Copy editor: 2007-05-15 Five young fellows begin in once, only listens to a rat-a-tat pa pa sound, guaranteed the Kang pharmacy four aluminum alloys counter glass all to break to pieces, that medicine bottle, the medicine picosecond pot, the medicine box, the medicine bag, the injection, the tablet, the medicinal powder, the pill medicinal preparation, at sixes and sevens everywhere all is... ... 29. 29th chapter of angel commits a theft Copy editor: 2007-05-15 The Wu duckweed was rich then starts high to expend, puts on the name brand, eats the high-quality nutriment, buys the upscale cosmetics, dresses up oneself is beautifully attired, as if rich others extravagant young lady... ... 30. 30th chapter of person loot all attains Copy editor: 2007-05-15 Wu Pingzhei then has flustered, thought: This matter once exposes, own lost the work not to say, but also had to be notorious, that own future not? Is not good, is certain tries to find solution... ... 31. 31st chapter of fair deal Copy editor: 2007-05-19 Chair Jiang but in realm of love expert, as soon as looked Wu Ping the expression knew she wanted to give him any, in the heart stole happy, mused: My cookbook had to add on together the new vegetable today! On the surface actually intentionally surprised looks at her... ... Pain of the 32. 32nd chapter of love and marriage Copy editor: 2007-05-19 "Yang is attractive, I love you, I now want you!" Zhu Shaode breathes heavily the thick gas to say that, both hands fiercely extend to hers abdomen, the attempt untie her pants... ... 33. 33rd chapter of violent debate Copy editor: 2007-05-19 Fortunately, the Wu duckweed has not met the stubble, the flames of war has not also continued to burn gets down. Certainly is not she has not understood Zhao Xin the plot to be narrateed from the backstage, but is she thought quarrels does not have the advantage to oneself, only can leave behind more words to redicule about to the others... ... Under 34. 34th chapter of pain murderer Copy editor: 2007-05-19 His paternal grandmother, this young girl although is attractive, but she is the rose after all which a belt punctures, does not do well wants . Lets in management which she keeps the hospital, really is my trusted friend big trouble... ... 35. 35th chapter of elegy Copy editor: 2007-05-19 Chair Jiang intentionally pretends the appearance which is startled very much, is called a nurse immediately, personally harnesses the tire oxygen, the blood plasma and other first aid goods, rushes to the traffic accident scene... ... 36. 36th chapter sheds crocodile tears Copy editor: 2007-05-19 Chair Jiang personally escorts Yang Qian the coffin containing a corpse to go to the crematory cremation. Also spend 500 Yuan for her to buy a fine cinerary casket, and personally accompanied her the family member, interred the cinerary casket in five Yi public cemetery, but also has set up the stele for her... ... 37. 37th chapter Copy editor: 2007-05-19 She replied when this speech, suddenly regrets. She worried Chair Jiang has already attained the Yang Qian diary, that has been bad, he if looked at the diary, own rumour can reveal... ... 38. 38th Chair Zhang makes reparations Copy editor: 2007-05-19 Jiang Fuquan although is the communist party member, also studies the medicine, but in the bone very is actually superstitious. He believed in the oneself dream sees certainly must be the illusion. Then, he should go for her burns seven... ... Being puzzled of the 39. 39th pigeonhole chapter of Copy editor: 2007-05-19 After Yang Qian dies, Chair Jiang's all sorts of actions are not very normal, this middle has one kind to say as if not the clear thing, what is? Wang Xiaoxia believed that, the Yang Qian death and Chair Jiang have the very complicated relation... ... 40. 40th chapter of new plot Copy editor: 2007-05-19 He quietly used the left hand to write an anonymous letter to the Wang Xiaoxia boyfriend, declared Wang Xiaoxia and Chair Jiang the illicit intercourse, and have compiled the detail which two Wang Xiaoxia had an affair, wrote has the nose to be perforated... ... 41. 41st chapter of bolt from the blue Copy editor: 2007-06-05 a month, the boyfriend also ore solemnly said the right and wrong she does not marry, how suddenly loves another, has had to marry with the others? During whether has any misunderstanding... ... 42. 42nd chapter reveals the truth Copy editor: 2007-06-05 Wang Xiaoxia the squint looks Chair Jiang, thought: This fellow hits any clever principle, definitely is the yellow weasel pays new year's call to the chicken, has not settled any good intention, I or do not comply for to be good... ... 43. 43rd chapter of grim Goddess of Mercy Copy editor: 2007-06-05 the present hospital also has nine nurses, Chair Jiang arranges from the beginning these nine nurses, most conforms to the condition is Zhao is joyful. But, this ugly servant girl not only is long lets the person be repugnant, moreover handles affairs eccentrically and unreasonably... ... 44. 44th chapter helps the distressed Copy editor: 2007-06-05 Liu Yushuang paid for the little girl, also assisted her mother to lead her to make each inspection, until delivered the little girl the operating room, she went to bank withdrawal 1,000 Yuan only then in a hurry, has given the receiving teller... ... 45. 45th chapter meets unexpectedly Shan Zhong Copy editor: 2007-06-05 waited that person to run near she only then to look clearly, this person was Chen Huamin. Thought: This boy wants to do any, cannot be also wants to plot or conspire... ... 46. 46th chapter is perfectly suited to each other Copy editor: 2007-06-05 the speech to the fist, directly soars Chen Huamin the surface gate. Chen Huamin hurriedly moves aside, had not thought this fist is empty, she receives the fist palm, the backhand as soon as strikes, Chen Huamin hid again already without enough time, only listened "pa", Chen Huamin solid has suffered... ... 47. 47th chapter of cliff is in danger Copy editor: 2007-06-05 a speech lets Chen melt in the popular sentiment to feel the incomparable happiness, besides mother, but also does not have the second woman to love dearly him. He felt immediately the whole body has filled the infinite strength... ... 48. 48th chapter of birth parents Copy editor: 2007-06-05 I always did not know who is my genuine father, also nobody tells me the father the name. Therefore until today, I did not know I am surnamed any... ... 49. 49th chapter of father female Copy editor: 2007-06-05 in my immature memory, that several lets me be called the father the man, they all once have seen on my body scar, but everybody not has cared about, but this strange humpbacked man unexpectedly burst into tears for me, he certainly was my biological father... ... 50. 50th chapter of my foster father Copy editor: 2007-06-05 I suspected that, the mother probably hides a prostitute which depends on the prostitution survival in the city quoin, these men all are mother's brothel customers, my father very is possible also is mother's brothel customer, only is because his appearance is attractive, the mother has fallen in love with him... ... 51. 51st chapter bare rests the calamity Copy editor: 2007-06-05 I in turn back hut time, had no intention to discover in my gate had a small hole, the small hole was treating the kang which I rested, but I slept always am in the dynasty kang, the lower part of the body was facing outside. I sense win honor immediately initiate burn... ... Pain of the 52. 52nd chapter of mind Copy editor: 2007-06-05 I extremely regretted, if initially I could to foster father tolerant, if initially I could forgive foster father's error, perhaps the foster father as for did not die. Actually, after that foster father is drunk to me... ... 53. 53rd chapter harbors evil intentions Copy editor: 2007-06-05 he believed that, in the money all-powerful time, cheats or mistrust each other, the mutual use is essential, the honest good person also only can be a service at best, even if they have the talent very much, also absolutely cannot do the important matter... ... 54. 54th chapter hides a dagger in a smile Copy editor: 2007-06-05 Chair Jiang always regarded as Liu Yushuang is already mature but also is long on tree's fresh peach, this fresh peach enticed him mouth dripping with greed... ... 55. 55th chapter Copy editor: 2007-06-05 Chair Jiang sits on the chair, is shutting the eye aftertaste the process which and each woman makes love, thinks, the whole body is suddenly dry and hot, a heat flow scurries about in the lower abdomen, the his fire of suddenly burns... ... 56. 56th chapter makes the vacation new move Copy editor: 2007-06-05 person's desire always does not have satisfiedly, Chair Jiang although has the nearly million Yuan properties, still thought own money too are few, thereupon he hit has made the vacation medicine the idea... ... 57. 57th chapter the mind Copy editor: 2007-06-05 he suddenly remembers provincial capital that friend to give his that bottle of aphrodisiac. Thought: mccauley Looked like wants to let this servant girl be willing and me good has been impossible under, why not do I try to let her take the aphrodisiac, first holds her body, waits the shelled peanuts to boil the cooked rice, he wants to disagree I well not to be good... ... 58. 58th chapter of heart causes suspicion is puzzled Copy editor: 2007-06-05 Chen Huamin is a very sensitive person, he thought this matter is possible and Liu Yushuang related, in the heart is all of a sudden anxious, then closely examines yellow three is any matter... ... 59. 59th chapter of love shadow Copy editor: 2007-06-05 tidies up the room, Chen Huamin slowly is not willing to leave. He suddenly impulse holds in the arms Liu Yushuang, heartily kissed has gotten up... ... 60. 60th chapter of accidental injury boyfriend Copy editor: 2007-06-05 Liu Yushuang more wants more to regret that, she finds out pursues him, apologizes to him, apologizes to him, to him explained at that time own intended to have by no means to injure him. But, this time Chen Huamin already walked far, in corridor nobody left... ... 61. 61st chapter apologizes the apology Copy editor: 2007-06-05 Liu Yushuang enters the room, saw Chen Huamin the quilt pedal in one side, the light big upper arm, the lower part of the body has been only putting on the triangle underpants, lay down on the kang sleeps soundly... ... 62. 62nd chapter made has been irritable Copy editor: 2007-06-05 Chen melts in the popular sentiment very to be also contradictory, he loves Liu Yushuang, he also knew Liu Yushuang deeply is loving him, but his clearer cousin Jiang Fuquan loose history, which woman if he if did stare at, did not make to the hand is gives up in no way. He really did not think... ... 63. 63rd chapter seizes the opportunity to sneak in Copy editor: 2007-06-05 Liu Yushuang listens to listen, suddenly thought the body dryly and hot gets up. She suddenly realizes Chair Jiang possibly is prescribed medicine in the drink, this is throwing over the person skin domestic animal, unexpectedly uses so cheap bastard's method... ... Pain of the 64. 64th chapter of angel Copy editor: 2007-06-05 she dimly opens the eye, discovered oneself lies down on the dormitory bed, the whole body is unexpectedly stark naked, she has remembered Chair all of a sudden Jiang, has remembered the matter which just occurred while ago... ... 65. 65th chapter of completely discouraged Copy editor: 2007-06-05 now I finally understood why he can say this kind of speech, had looked like in his heart already suspected I and Chair Jiang had any improper behavior. Why can like this? He before has not suspected to me... ... 66. 66th chapter of love home to return to Copy editor: 2007-06-05 the father in order to own led a life of comfort has abandoned her; The birth mother in order to own has merrily abandoned her; The foster father to her graciousness heavy like mountain, because the error in thought has actually stepped onto not the return avenue; Outside she sincerely falls in love the boyfriend actually believed the rumor to have the suspicion to her... ... 67. 67th chapter Copy editor: 2007-06-05 Chair Jiang head "buzz", the instantaneous feeling is dizzy, nearly faints in front of the bed. He outside the courtyard has successively played with dozens of females in the courtyard, but also has not seen so the fiery disposition woman... ... 68. 68th chapter of impatient to get back Copy editor: 2007-06-05 How can like this? Chen Huamin somewhat confused. He has toward to return makes the phone call for Chair Jiang, wants to ask understood. But Chair Jiang's telephone is not Guan Jijiu is "to upright is busy", how also doesn't relate on... ... 69. 69th chapter of misgivings layer on layer Copy editor: 2007-06-05 his 1,000 10,000 are not willing to believe that, at present this person is a fiancee which he is lost in a reverie longs for! However, the fact is heartless, lies down on the bed person, is clear is the girl which his institute most loves... ... 70. 70th chapter of difficult shed to be difficult to leave Copy editor: 2007-06-05 this saying causes young Zhou to be surprised, does the Liu Yushuang death also in addition have the fishy? He uses the vision which has doubts to take a fast look around Chen Huamin... ... In front of 71. 71st chapter of grave treaty of alliance Copy editor: 2007-06-05 he arrives mountainside that stretch of tomb, saw there several hundred wild tombs, the heart mesozoic to leave the infinite misery. This each wild tomb all once has had a long story, but each story all once... ... 72. 72nd chapter of posthumous writings blood tear Copy editor: 2007-06-07 Chen Huamin now at last launches the letter paper. The letter is writes with the black neutral pen, beautiful and fluent kaishu character character blood sound sound tear recording on manuscript paper... ... 73. 73rd Brother Zhang love and hate Copy editor: 2007-06-07 he also knew the cousin is greedy for money lasciviously, is plays with the woman the master, the peaceful hospital young woman nearly very few some people can escape his evil clutches. But he thought that, the rabbit does not eat nearby the nest the grass, I am his younger male cousin... ... 74. 74th chapter of unforgettable former friendship Copy editor: 2007-06-10 he starts to engage in introspection oneself, thought the Liu Yushuang death, besides Chair Jiang's evil behavior, own heart was narrow imperceptibly also plays the role which added fuel to the flames... ... 75. 75th chapter opened the veil Copy editor: 2007-06-10 Chen Huamin looked at a cousin, the innermost feelings has been suddenly contradictory, the cousin always waited him not to be thin under, how could own suppress the heart to come with him to break off? But this thought as soon as dodged has passed... ... 76. 76th chapter of murder eliminates a potential informant Copy editor: 2007-06-10 Chair Jiang disguises physical strength not, intentionally approaches the cliff edge . Chen Huamin did not know is the idea, presses on step by step. Chair Jiang saw Chen Huamin to overrun to nearby the cliff on, suddenly changed from defensive to offensive, the fist foot advanced together... ... 77. 77th chapter of black and white inversion Copy editor: 2007-06-11 Chair Jiang's younger male cousin plunged to death in five Yi rise and fall cliff, has become Taipingzhen's explosive news immediately, the streets and lanes everywhere all discussion... ... 78. 78th chapter has the scheme in addition Copy editor: 2007-06-12 Chair Jiang is secretly happy, the heart said: Old thing, no matter what you experienced and careful fine as the ghost, drinks your sister's son to confuse in the same old way the soul water... ... 79. 79th chapter stamps out the source of trouble Copy editor: 2007-06-13 80. 80th chapter of complete result Copy editor: 2007-06-15 she has suddenly remembered Head Nurse Liu and Chen Huamin, felt they on in Tibet's in courtyard some quoin, she frightened four are look arounding as if, the whole body fine hair set upright immediately has gotten up... ... 81. 81st chapter of money enticement Copy editor: 2007-06-19 Xiao Yezhou has wrinkled the brow, this fellow definitely was steals from the window blind slit pell Yuan Xiaofang naked, looked his that full face appearance, perhaps was one-sidedding wish executes Italy to Xiaofang to be obscene... ... 82. 82nd chapter enters the medicine way Copy editor: 2007-06-19 Yuan Xiaofang has wrinkled the brow, looks dreary is brillant, starts to speak but hesitates. Her extremely repugnant Xiao Yeba treats an illness to the patient regards as does business... ... 83. 83rd chapter Copy editor: 2007-06-19 Yuan Xiaofang sees him to lock a door, in the heart thump thump jumped. Looks at the situation, in the family definitely is nobody, his action clearly is needs to harbor evil intentions... ... 84. 84th chapter of medicine secret Copy editor: 2007-06-19 Yuan on the Xiaofang face one is red, knew in his speech the meaning, she this moment does not fill to Chair Jiang, felt oneself is by him when the monkey has played... ... 85. 85th chapter of Xiao Yeshen wife Copy editor: 2007-06-19 originally is this. Xiao Ye has suddenly remembered Yuan Xiaofang, she sees Chair today Jiang, can also... ... 86. 86th chapter holds the handle Copy editor: 2007-06-20 the dreary brillant custom extends the hand, is stroking her that bulge lower abdomen. Traces is tracing him then to slide the hand to under, wants to take off her short, actually accidentally traced Yuan Xiaofang... ... 87. 87th chapter is strange bedfellows Copy editor: 2007-06-21 What does the green hat calculate, an invisible green hat can press me breaks down? No, is impossible, to be small does not endure then chaotic big stratagem, in order to hold the opportunity to save the next wealth, could be situated on the person for the future to feel proud and elated... ... 88. 88th chapter gets a matter off one's chest Copy editor: 2007-06-28 Xiao Ye is a smart person, he already realizes Yuan Xiaoyan to his favorable impression, although he is not a stamen's man, but to shows loving concern or does not lack... ... 89. 89th chapter of full of affection younger sister Copy editor: 2007-06-24 the Yuan Xiaofang's face has hit immediately like the palm of the hand general, in the heart darkly scolds Chair Jiang, this old sex maniac, only looks for the trouble to me, your this is not lets me be embarrassed... ... On 90. 90th chapter of bed disturbance Copy editor: 2007-06-28 Yuan Xiaofang walks to his side, lovingly looks at him, suddenly stretches out the arms holds in the arms him, the lip pastes nearby his ear said in a soft voice: "Others want intimate to be intimate with you... ... 91. 91st chapter of orphaned male widow Copy editor: 2007-06-30 Yuan Xiaoyan in the original conscience likes drearily being brillant, only is the elder sister she does not dare in the home to reveal, now who also can'tsee, to kiss him also to have why not... ... 92. 92nd chapter of feelings of love bud Copy editor: 2007-07-01 she likes drearily being brillant very much, although Xiao Ye is her brother-in-law, but she hoped he can be intimate with to her. How did she do not clear own today is... ... 93. 93rd chapter of enticement Copy editor: 2007-07-01 she uses the hand gently to stroke own double breast, thought: Was own this vice- appearance a little went to extremes, this was the natural enticement... ... 94. 94th chapter revives an old dream Copy editor: 2007-07-02 Jiang Fuquan the mouth is kissing on her face, both hands actually rapidly untie her button, is stroking her that... ... 95. 95th chapter of inn exquisite feeling Copy editor: 2007-07-03 Jiang Fuquan looked she is so unhappy, did not know how should urge her only then to be good, then pulls her to other bed on, holds in the arms her to lie down, at the same time strokes her... ... 96. 96th chapter got up the suspicion Copy editor: 2007-07-04 Yuan Xiaofang sees the younger sister manner to be unusual, even more has doubts, then stares at her face to look. When two person of vision relative, the younger sister hurriedly avoids. This even more causes elder sister's suspicion... ... 97. 97th chapter Copy editor: 2007-07-06 How was the dawn colorful, her a moment ago expression why so strange between, was she and dreary brillant... ... 98. 98th chapter has no alternative Copy editor: 2007-07-07 looks their this vice- ugly appearance, Yuan Xiaofang suddenly remembers her and Chair Jiang has an affair by his wife is seized deceitful that... ... 99. 99th chapter endures to hate the summation Copy editor: 2007-07-14 Yuan Xiaofang does not know whether to laugh or cry, thought that, This is called any matter, looked for the lover own to outside, in the family has actually made contact with the younger sister. The matter develops today this aspect, own also are cans hardly absolve... ... 100. 100th chapter threw mistakenly the medicine Copy editor: 2007-07-15 Yuan Xiaoyan tears off the needle, but also has not waited to turn around, young boy face white, the body one was crooked but actually has gotten down... ... 101. 101st chapter the clinic Copy editor: 2007-07-16 fights chicken eye tin of this saying, on the fire, scolded the sound immediately: "Puts your mother's smelly fart!" Grasps the bottle glucose from the table, makes an effort to fall to the corridor in... ... 102. 102nd chapter of two idea Copy editor: 2007-07-17 she also can say any, in the dreary brillant eye, she has thousand advantage also uselessly, in his eye saw only has on her body the stain... ... 103. 103rd chapter of sisters moods Copy editor: 2007-07-20 Yuan Xiaoyan looks at the elder sister, thought she is very pitiful. But she understood that, this kind pitiful is meanless. The love is selfish... ... 104. 104th chapter of village medicine Copy editor: 2007-07-20 After since the old lucky doctor's clinic starts doing business, thrives one day compared to day red fire. But the third outpatient clinic actually is on first is lonelier than first... ... 105. 105th chapter of malicious competition Copy editor: 2007-07-21 Xiao Yezhan smokes in the courtyard, often catches the eye looks at the opposite clinic. He felt the lucky doctor's clinic grips as if on his body punctures... ... 106. 106th chapter had the accident Copy editor: 2007-07-25 passed through more than five hours rescues, Lao Ms. Song has not always been able to open the eye; Finally or the soul turns over to , enjoyed happiness to the western extremely happy world... ... 107. 107th chapter let it go at that Copy editor: 2007-07-27 Yuan Xiaofang rises blushed, the full face timid expression, stands in there does not say a word. She this moment can say any, this matter originally is outpatient clinic's responsibility... ... 108. 108th chapter of misfortune never singly comes Copy editor: 2007-07-28 outpatient clinic business is not good, dreary is brillant does not seek own factor, actually added the crime in old lucky doctor on the body... ... 109. 109th chapter of evil transaction Copy editor: 2007-07-29 a language road awakes in the dream the person. Xiao Ye has suddenly remembered old lucky doctor, this Western Pacific has been hateful, why not do I use open the luck to tidy up him... ... 110. 110th chapter struggles Copy editor: 2007-08-01 After three people , with the aid of the liquor vigor, each person has picked several stones bricks and tiles, arrives outside the old lucky doctor's courtyard, aims at the new house the windows and doors, started suddenly to attack... ... 111. 111th chapter frames by planting stolen goods on frames Copy editor: 2007-08-02 really was too hateful, he said with clenched jaws: Old lucky doctor, you is waiting, I must toss about you not to be possible well... ... 112. 112th chapter of a thief crying "stop thief" Copy editor: 2007-08-04 the people are quarrelling in noisy disorder, Yuan Xiaoyan is accompanying a young wife, amicably goes out from the outpatient clinic, walks while directs to the lucky doctor's clinic... ... 113. 113th chapter of black and white inversion Copy editor: 2007-08-06 Li Yaping already is driven beyond the limits of forebearance, several desires ignition have been all stopped by the spouse, now listens to Jiang Fuquan such to say, that filled with fury also could not suppress again, opens the mouth to scold... ... 114. 114th chapter of winter mood Copy editor: 2007-08-08 she had finally understood, likes with not loving is cannot demand, although she does not want to leave drearily is brillant, what means can also have? Difficult to be inadequate... ... 115. 115th chapter of special family Copy editor: 2007-08-09 the Yuan Xiaofang's eye has been moist, string crystal clear teardrops along the cheek under, flowed in her mouth. She felt own tear also are painstakingly astringent... ... 116. 116th chapter has ulterior motives Copy editor: 2007-08-10 Yuan Xiaoyan just went out, Chair Jiang then immediately walks to Yuan the Xiaofang side holds in the arms her to kiss. Yuan the Xiaofang willow eyebrows micro are pressed, the moral nature suddenly at a loss gives birth one kind of loathing... ... After 117. 117th chapter of liquor does not have Germany Copy editor: 2007-08-11 Yuan Xiaoyan shames reddens all over the face, stands up works loose his hand, maliciously has given him a mouth. Chair Jiang two which hits is braved Venus, is angry, sets out to hold the dawn to be colorful... ... 118. 118th chapter harbors resentment in the heart Copy editor: 2007-08-13 Chair Jiang has not made a sound, in the heart more feels hateful Xiao Ye and Yuan Xiaoyan... ... 119. 119th chapter seeks stirs up trouble Copy editor: 2007-08-14 After Xiao Yejin the room, used the handset to make a phone call immediately to the local police station. Manager Li not in, the telephone which police young Wang meets. Xiao Ye explains the situation, please... ... 120. 120th chapter is in sharp opposition Copy editor: 2007-08-15 Xiao Ye is a very astute person, he in order to develop own influence, has successively become friends with several iron brethers in the periphery village, he decided asks them to help... ... 121. 121st chapter by storm system storm Copy editor: 2007-08-16 at the same time several people pulls out the knife from the bosom, must with this group of sunglasses guest... ... 122. 122nd chapter of new sweetheart Copy editor: 2007-08-17 she already hears Chair Jiang is lascivious, now saw him the appearance which drooled with envy to her, in the heart had the idea immediately. She wants to rely on own beauty... ... 123. 123rd chapter of carelessness Copy editor: 2007-08-18 this day afternoon, Wang Yuzhi gets up the restroom, suddenly under discovered saw has been red, then some startled got up... ... 124. 124th chapter of two human life Copy editor: 2007-08-19 the gynecology and obstetrics department this time already messed up, parturient woman Wang Yuzhi already drained away last the drop of blood, died on the obstetric table... ... 125. 125th chapter shirks responsibility Copy editor: 2007-08-20 these people crazily shout in the hospital randomly shouted that, declared the hospital murder murders, must pound the hospital. Some several are not afraid of getting into trouble the big young fellow, unexpectedly for has broken the corridor glass quite several... ... 126. 126th chapter got refused Copy editor: 2007-08-22 Chair Jiang has lived, steadily looks Manager Li, he had not thought always and he is on intimate terms Manager Li meets... ... 127. 127th chapter is not willing to yield Copy editor: 2007-08-23 Chair Jiang and Accountant Li the needle-tip to the wheat awn, nobody is willing to yield, the peace talks thoroughly fizzle out... ... 128. 128th chapter of good advice persuades Copy editor: 2007-08-25 Chair Jiang wickedly her, has not spoken. He thought that, The fine-looking man disagrees female fights, is not worthwhile with this kind of ignorant countryside married woman fights the mouth... ... 129. 129th chapter confesses bad luck Copy editor: 2007-08-28 Jiang Fuquan is confused, a smoke just pulled out the half to press in the ash-tray, also extracted from to light, sets out to leave the seat... ... 130. 130th chapter of obscene male immoral woman Copy editor: 2007-08-30 Wang Xin is in the woman which he experiences most lascivious. She broke has formerly kept the way, was unexpectedly initiative... ... 131. 131st chapter carries a rod and ask for punishment Copy editor: 2007-09-01 Jiang Fuquan makes the phone call immediately to hospital cashier Chu Fengjiao, lets her fill in 30,000 Yuan checks to deliver the local police station immediately. In order to be discrete in order to... ... 132. 132nd chapter of resentful sound rises from all directions Copy editor: 2007-09-03 the same day night, Jiang Fuquan and Wang Xintong sleeps to the hospital female dormitory. In the room opens the electricity warm air, on the bed is operating the electricity mattress, two people escape stark naked... ... 133. 133rd chapter helps a tyrant do evil Copy editor: 2007-09-05 four people discussed, finally arranges for everybody to give the same story, all agreed kills the Guo forest... ... 134. 134th chapter punishes one as a warning to others Copy editor: 2007-09-07 in driver's crawls from roadbed ditch, is in a state of panic loudly shouted: "Takes by force, takes by force! My automobile - " 135. 135th chapter additionally builds the security Copy editor: 2007-09-11 "king new event" after, Jiang Fuquan always is terribly suspicious and fearful, to worry behind the hospital few people plays tricks, conspires to connect, is disadvantageous to him. Therefore he decided... ... 136. 136th chapter of before dawn ominous news Copy editor: 2007-09-12 "what?" Jiang Fuquan the startled dumfoundedness, Lian Li Manager afterwards said anything has not listened clearly. Own good intention has looked for a woman for the sister's son, had not thought actually has wanted sister's son's life, this was not the good intention has held the misdemeanor... ... 137. 137th Chair Zhang acts as a matchmaker Copy editor: 2007-09-15 Jiang Fuquan in the heart as soon as moves, own sister's son gold extremely anxiously in all directions is looking for the woman, if can Liu Ying introduce gives him, him definitely will satisfy. In the family has an attractive woman to defend, he also cannot regularly exit "hits soaks"... ... 138. 138th chapter of two marriage Copy editor: 2007-09-17 Liu Ying looks gold that greedy vision, on the face a heat, the palpitation instantaneous speeds up. She regretted oneself really should not stay behind, 11,000 he is forcefully discourteous to me... ... 139. 139th chapter reveals one's true colors Copy editor: 2007-09-19 Liu Ying sees Chair Jiang so to say that, in the heart is extremely annoyed, initially if were not had readily believed his speech, own how possibly do marry for the gold? More wants to jump over ... ... 140. 140th chapter of beast in human clothing Copy editor: 2007-09-20 the gold turns around to the storehouse in to look for to bundle the baggage the string, also looks for a wicker from outside, turned round to insert outside the front door in, entered the room to come the bunch Liu Yingche on the head of a bed, then dug up the light her lower part of the body, was facing the thigh root wickedly is several... ... 141. 141st chapter crazed Copy editor: 2007-09-22 the gold has not guard againsted, has been been but actually supine by Liu Yingzhuang, the head knocks in the cylinder along on, emits a blood immediately, in the hand knife... ... 142. 142nd chapter of Liu Yingsha husband Copy editor: 2007-09-26 looks at present this the man which lets her hate to the marrow of the bones, her horizontal under heart lifted in the hand kitchen knife... ... Puts in the Tibet bookshelf | author to state | reads 1.590719 million time | collects 69 people | to recommend 48 times of | works integrals 160,003 | 162,637 characters |  |  to write the news to the author Work all rights reserved, adds the fragrance or the author agreement without the red sleeve , other media all do not have to reprint Copyright © 1999-2007 . All Rights Reserved. I to like the Jin Sen this first poem continuously very much, strawberry's enticement is indeed very big, also was unable including God to reject. But in the real life "should God", how face the child.. Adam and Eve be out of control the forbidden fruit enticement , who tolive in this world our some cannot violate wrong? When you facing others' mistake, face the oneself child's mistake in particular... 2007 year on October 31 09:08 origin: International on-line [ words major and medium is small ] prints the message forum network to pick the handset review to correct error the E-mail recommendation:On locomotive enticement beautiful woman [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ] [ 5 ] [ 6 ] (chief-editor: ancestor Li) are more about the vehicle pan car mold beautiful woman's news... young girl fall to be wild paces back and forththe vision to entice princess to take revenge records the lark to draw a portrait in rags sentiment color goddess plentiful beautiful body Yang Siqi the fragrant vehicle to draw a portrait delightful Shi Yong the Li sex appeal stature to aggravate three puts together the sex appeal to draw a portraitmixes the blood beautiful woman to benefit poem Ting to draw a portrait Xu if u the home draws a portrait the female star Japan small western-style clothing which installs tenderly carries through to the end to put on the attractive plain Han screen charm enticement cooperation website: International on-line... toheart abundant breast enticement in October, 2007 the ACG wallpaper greatly great breast stands in great numbers with person C C72 collection early fall red maple tree young girl dream to entice CG with person CG collection student attractive stature ripe female Zhu the red canvas sex appeal CG multi- colors aquarium beautiful young girl Zhu red canvas sex appeal CG collection colors aquariums beautiful young girl Zhu the red canvas sex appeal CG collection beautiful young girl to play... the

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to the Chinese steel and iron industry to rub presses with rubs

today, I must in here for endoderm everybody rephrase in own words several wife when with husband sexual intercourse uses "to rub presses friction law" the experience, or, you may obtain an inspiration. The "extremely close human body contact, I like the penis completely inserting my in vivo very much, we mutually rub but are not together do bounce themovement. "" usually extrudes and rubs my genitals, I can achieve... Accountant , we already the elderly married couples, knew LG was on-line, may say sina is our Hong Niang, others all said the net loves no good result, but I and LG may reject this view, no matter how"does love", all can some friction time, we not be exceptional, How but after fortunately our does each other have a common thought is the quarrel certainly wants the method aphrodisiacs which how... Ji'an city source of wealth to rub the store depot, is implements the modern management the privately operated stock-company type enterprise. Completed in January, 1980. Is specialized production each kind of impracticable brakes applies the brake with the friction to apply the brake the product.. My factory production each kind of friction series product widely uses with the engine bed, the mine, the oil field, the vehicle. The product has four big kinds of 300 many kinds of specifications, each kind of product target reaches the national standard... the pleasant sensation straight to express: The friction rhythm + Zhao Wei's motto isany today, I must in here for everybody rephrase in own words several wife when with husband sexual intercourse uses "to rub presses friction law"..." Shallow = Qiu Naina yo , I like the penis completely inserting my in vivo very much, we mutually rub but are not together do bounce the movement. "" usually extrudes and rubs me... ChinaFriction & Sealing Material the Association China to rub packing material net all rights reserved, the extract please indicate stems from China to rub the packing material net! Address: Beijing, China million villages three miles waterways 11 zip codes: 100,831 telephones: (010) 68.314523 million facsimiles: (010) 68347233... you now the position: The time network >> abundant guest >> Luo Luo's time >> diary >> rubbed the spark diary and the midnight station with the midnight station rubs fire Luo to issue to: 2007-10-31 12:52 today excited small heart continues stimulated, ha ha, anticipated elder sister when dailyprogram conclusion said, "the program had ended, if everybody also hasany... mainly to have the pair of plate friction press series: JA53-63, J53-100A, J53-160B, J53-300 (are automatic manually), JA53-400D, JA53-630A two.. Network solid: The double plate friction press, the forging and stamping machine shop, bluehammer, the yaliji general website: Double plate friction press, friction press website: Www.huadong-... the facsimile: 0086-0576-82581056 all rights reserved2007-2008 Taizhou Hwangyen rope flies locomotive part limited company Zhejiang ICP to prepare 07.013618 million main products: , the friction piece, the aluminum designs the & promotion: Rapid electronic commerce...

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restores the old shoes special version _ to touch moves athletic shoes forum

Krueger Nike Dunk LowSB child ~ 07-08-05 19:15 2 /,192 lovegugucci 07-10-04 23:53 [ Air Force 1 special... Krueger Nike Dunk Low SB child ~ 07-08-05 19:15 1 /,259 Daybreak 07-08-07 09:13 [ Nike the SB topic ] "... ' Freddy Krueger 'The examination (21) comments (2) The Hundreds x New Era ' Jags ' Fitted 2007-10-30 09:57:32/STYLE clothing As part of their upcoming ' Elements ' line, The Hundreds will be releasing this New Era fitted.... Krueger Klientel Kektex vs Circog Koop verbal message orchestra Kingston Trio Kula Shaker Killing Joke Kid Loco K-Ci & Jojo philharmonic orchestra Kraftwerk Kings X to kiss orchestra King Crimson L Little Brother Black Stone Cherry Lunatica Lady & Bird L.A.... ' Freddy Krueger 'The examination (21) comments (2) The Hundreds x New Era ' Jags ' Fitted 2007-10-30 09:57:32/STYLE clothing As part of their upcoming ' Elements ' line, The Hundreds will be releasing this New Era fitted.... the Krueger Klientel Kektex vs Circog Koop verbal message orchestra Kingston Trio Kula Shaker Killing Joke Kid Loco K-Ci & Jojo philharmonic orchestra Kraftwerk Kings X to kiss orchestra King Crimson L Little Brother Black Stone Cherry Lunatica Lady & Bird L.A.... Management entrance Golden color in October my school carries out the richly colorful student activity Publication time: 2007-10-26 14:43:54      article origin: Student work department Article author: Office      browsing number of times: 226 Double-clicks automatically rolls the screen The student works the tendency * The Mianyang normal school study ministry of public works arranges in 2007 the 19th issue (total 90th issue) on 2007 October 26 Golden color in October my school carries out the richly colorful student activity Editor's note: Joyfully celebrates the party in the whole nation "17 to be big" when the successful convention, my school welcomed the Ministry of Education experts to appraise to the school undergraduate course teaching work level, the schoolmates not only by the full enthusiasm, the outstanding condition investment study, simultaneously also positively participated in school organization's each activity and obtain the outstanding result. Below is golden color in October the fiery red season I the school development student moves the status. My school student at Sichuan second session of university student campus singer big game - In the Mianyang contest area intermediary heat obtains the position On October 16 evening seven, Sichuan second session of university student campus singer big game - Mianyang contest area intermediary heat in southwest scientific and technical university music hall grand hold. The big game to "excavates the music talented person, disseminates the campus music" is the subject, altogether has attends the competition from the Mianyang 5 universities' 31 contestants. My school summer was quiet, Zhu Lingjue, Wang Qian, Luo Shuo and the Zhao strong 5 schoolmates attended this competition in under the school Youth Corps Committee Assistant Deputy Secretary Mr./Mrs. Zheng Shu's leadership, the summer quiet schoolmate and Zhu Lingjue the schoolmate respectively to "Breaks Bridge To lose Dream", "Devoted Art Devoted Love" obtained has competed first and the second good result. The big game appraisal committee has given the high praise to my school contestant, they directly will be promoted November hold entire province finals. My school student mass organization organizes the mass organization art show On October 22 the morning, a student mass organization work display two teaches in front of the building in the northern school area the square on time to display every year, this art show altogether displays the careful choice work 100 (), handicraft work 50, photographic work 20, calligraphy and painting work 30. The art show attracted the multitudinous teachers and students to come to watch, my school Ministry of Education was appraising the expert also full of enthusiasm watched the display and in detail inquired to the guide the work manufacture process, the manufacture method, the experts the work which displayed to my school student mass organization give have highly appraised. The school convenes in 2007 summer vacation the social practice and the national thousand counties projects Socialism new rural reconstruction service report meeting On October 21 evening 7 o'clock 30, convened in 2007 in the northern school area second teaching building academic hall which by school Youth Corps Committee, thousand counties projects office sponsors summer vacation the social practice and the national thousand counties projects socialism new rural reconstruction service report congress. Thousand counties offices Director Dr. Du Yi, school Youth Corps Committee Assistant Deputy Secretary the Wang Hai banyan tree to met and has given the speech, thousand counties offices all teacher, social practice outstanding belt team teachers represented with the student represent 300 people to participate in the report meeting. (For details see student works dynamic 18th issue) My school grand hold "center the German education exchange cooperates the fifth anniversary review and the forecast" the activity On October 23 evening, the subject is "will fly to tomorrow" "center the German education exchange cooperates the fifth anniversary review and the forecast" the activity in the wadding state big theater grand hold. Germany in Chengdu general consulate vice- consul general Mirko Kruppa, German music commission chairman Martin Maria Krueger, German Budden conservatory Chair Christoph Nielbock, German Ford prosperous happy institute Vice-President Michael Fricke, German music committee Beijing office chief delegate Lin Yang, Mianyang people's government Deputy Mayor Huang Zhengliang, Assistant Deputy Secretary-General Zhang Minggui, the outstanding alumnus on behalf of Deng Ping, Sun Hua, Zhang Jun and the entire physical culture school leads the attendance to move the scene. A tune by my school university student "rhyme of the golden" the tube philharmonic orchestra performance grand, is resonant "Pulls Marching song" to begin the active prologue. Afterwards, dubbed in music the poem to recite "Chinese and German Friendship Gold Bridge" to lead the audience to review road of the Chinese and German universities friendship and cooperation; Christoph Nielbock personally directs the chorus, the Chinese and German teachers and students high-spirited brims with the rich foreign land character and style German music work with a performance "Jetzt gang i ans brnnele", "Horch, was kommt", the Chinese song "Is going to a Beautiful Place" and the foreign black work "I Got Shoes"; The university student "spirit of the dance" performs dances "Coolie hat Shade Gorge", displays the person and the bamboo and . "Pleased Great poet" melts the dance poem calligraphy and painting is a body, had demonstrated my school "Li Bai culture research center" the scientific research picture, refracts the poem calligraphy and painting and the art designing which my school university student stands up to the most rigorous test and so on the pedagogical skill; Received in 2006 according to my school "the Sichuan top-notch university student" the title Luo China schoolmate "Mountain Children" fully to display my school university student for the prototype creation sketch to strive constantly for self-improvement, to resolve Cheng Cai, the arduous struggle spirit; Danced "All Not to be able To be few" eulogizes the alumni to take root the great mood which the countryside imparted knowledge and educated people; Conservatory teacher plays the saint mulberry "g Folk song Piano concerto" the third music movement; Alumnus Peng Chunyan performs the Sichuan opera unique skill - to turn hostile; Goes to the conservatory teacher which Germany returns to sing, the female voice quartet male "since That day I Sees You"; The dance "Will fly to Tomorrow" and so on the splendid program had demonstrated the teachers' college people "strove constantly for self-improvement, difficultly start an undertaking, the practical innovation, the pursue was remarkable" the state of mind. German country music commission chairman professor's guitar solo "Prelude" NO.1 (TITLE PRELUDE NR.1) is the party delimits the complete period. "The motherland bilingual praises" the university student poetry to recite the competition completely to end On October 24 evening 7: 30, sponsors by school Youth Corps Committee, the literature and the dissemination institute undertake, the juvenile literature society does jointly "the motherland to praise" the university student poetry bilingual to recite the competition in the west school area success hold, school party committee assistant deputy secretaries, Vice-President Huang Xiaolin, Youth Corps Committee Assistant Deputy Secretary the Wang Hai banyan tree, the literature and dissemination institute general party branch secretaries blue continues ten thousand visits the finals scene, foreign language institute Associate Professor Zhang Rui and so on seven teachers holds the post of this competition appraisal committee. Comes final contention which participates from the school various courtyards department's 14 contestant. This competition activity starts from September 10 to plan, the process preliminary contest, the intermediary heat, finally select 14 contestants to be promoted the finals. In the competition, 14 contestants fervor rush recite, the smooth bilingual expression, has made the deep impression for the appraisal committee and in the field audience. After the intense contention, came from the literature and dissemination institute's Zhao Meng and Tao Honglin two contestants wins this "the motherland to praise" the English to Chinese bilingual work to recite the match the first award, other contestants received respectively two, the third prize. The appraisal committee review link, Assistant Deputy Secretary Huang Xiaolin and Associate Professor Zhang Rui has extemporaneously sung the song "My Motherland", will compete pushes to a new high tide. Assistant Deputy Secretary Huang Xiaolin when summary said, just finished 17 greatly imperceptibly poured into the rich emotion for this competition, the thanks competition organization committee provided the demonstration for the schoolmates to be able the opportunity, a Chang E tonight punctually lifted off, the round several millenniums have come the Chinese nation the dream, will let us wish the motherland tomorrow to be happier together. Secretary Huang the fervent speech, the fascinating speech have won entire audience's warm applause. Welcomes Olympic Games "100.01 million students sunlight sports" the series activity - The university student calisthenics to radio music match completely ends On October 25 the afternoon, welcomes Olympic Games "100.01 million students sunlight sports" the series activity - university student calisthenics to radio music competition finals to conduct in the northern school area track and field field success. School party committee assistant deputy secretary, Vice-President Huang Xiaolin, the sports and health education Dean Xu Ming and so on attends the competition scene. The semi-final selects various schools area outstanding class and grade enters the finals. After the intense contention, sports and the health education institute's participative team wins , the literature and the dissemination institute, the foreign language institute's participative association wins the first award, physical and the electronic information engineering department, the conservatory, the fine arts department, the life science and the technical institute participation association wins the second prize, the education scientific institute, the economical and the administration section department, the history and the traveling management is, the political law department, chemistry and chemistry engineering department participation association wins the third prize. The competition also evaluated the outstanding organization prize, sports and the health education institute's schoolmates also performs has assaulted holds. To this, month-long welcomes Olympic Games "100.01 million students sunlight sports" the series activity - university student calisthenics to radio music match completely to end. My school success holds in 2007 the university student computer programming big game On October 25, my school in 2007 the university student computer programming big game is rubbing the family school area two to teach the building 202 classrooms successes to conduct. School party committee assistant deputy secretary, Vice-President Huang Xiaolin attended this big game and for the big game speech. Rubs family school management meeting assistant director to respect the sodium hyposulfite, the idea branch is party branch secretary Xie Yingping, Assistant Director Song Yuecong, school Youth Corps Committee Assistant Deputy Secretary the Wang Hai banyan tree and so on arrives personally the big game scene to watch the contestant to compete. This big game take "the science and technology, the humanities, the innovation" as a subject, sponsors by school Youth Corps Committee, rubs the family school area management meeting and the computer science and the engineering department undertakes together. The big game altogether receives from the entire school student's 170 works, the work including the software design, FLASH, the class and so on, passes through the fair fair evaluation, 18 works enter the tonight the finals. The finals divides into software to design (1) and non- software designs (2) two groups to carry on. In the competition, the participative contestant explains two links through the scene demonstration and the creation process to introduce the oneself work to the audience. After the intense contention, finally counts the branch is 06 levels of 1 class of schoolmate "the student information management system" and counts the branch is 05 level of 3 class of Jia Yinsha the schoolmate "the happy dictionary" blooming separately obtains armor second grade two group of first from the multitudinous contestant. The computer programming big game fully manifested my school to persist "take the student as the center" the school idea, fully carried out each kind of activity using the school resources, positively built the broad platform for the student to unfold my school university student's good spirit style, let the student strengthen the specialized knowledge study in the activity, improved the comprehensive quality. My school grandly holds red songs On October 25 evening, take "2,007 magnificent in October" as subject red songs in two cafeterias grand holds. The chemistry department firm powerful "Chinese Communism Youth Song has begun the prologue All round" by, attends various courtyards is the schoolmate full of vigor, successively sang "Night of the Naval port", "the Huanghe River Cantata", "In Beijing's Jinshan", "Silk-tree flower", "the Great Wall Long", "Ball Got up My Beloved Earth Pipa", "Mother Teaches Me a Song", "Our Motherland", "", "the Red Flag Is floating", "Gives to All Party" and so on ten first classics reds songs, a Qu Qu, a sound, States endlessly to the motherland the deep love and the respect, could not say the pure heart is leisurely affectionate, the field similarly hereinafter study cheers, the applause surge wave upon wave, with warmly lit in the heart patriotic sentiment. Finally the party "the Huanghe River Cantata" fell the curtain by a tune song dancing parter. The red songfest, lights not only is on October 25 this night, is the schoolmates took the China children are leisurely affectionate to the motherland mother. ---------- Related content ---------- Temporarily does not have the related content     Please use IE5.0 or above the edition browser, distinguishing rate 800600 or is higher Mianyang normal school student work department all rights reserved © 2005-2008

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although the molybdenum mainly applies to the steel and iron domain, but because molybdenum itself has the many kinds of characteristics, it also unceasingly expands in other alloy domains and the chemical domain application. The experiment proved that, the molybdenum compound has the low toxicity, this is the molybdenum distinguishes one of between other heavy metals remarkable characteristics. Molybdenum resources: 1st, reserves molybdenum always not by native element condition appearance, but always and other... [ molybdenum powder ] on 22nd the molybdenum product quotation compiled[ molybdenum powder ] on 23rd the molybdenum product quotation to compile [ molybdenum powder ] the molybdenum product on 26th thequotation to compile [ molybdenum powder ] on 24th the molybdenum product quotation to compile [ molybdenum powder ] the molybdenum product on 30th the quotation to compile [ molybdenum powder ] themolybdenum product on 29th the quotation to compile [ molybdenum powder ] the molybdenum product on 25th the quotation to compile [ molybdenum powder ] the molybdenum product on 1st the quotation to compile [ south molybdenum powder... Nitrides the ferrochrome >> The chromium >> nitrides the ferrochrome Nitrides the ferrochrome supply and demand Nitrides the ferrochrome price Nitrides the ferrochrome quotation Nitrides the ferrochrome news Nitrides the ferrochrome enterprise Nitrides the ferrochrome material Ferroalloy search : Popular key word Nitrides the ferrochrome product demonstration Rare metal Nitrides ferrochrome FeNCr10-B High nitrogen ferrochrome Nitrides the ferrochrome product classification Nitrides the ferrochrome report/splendid recommendation [ Silicon chromium ] chromium product surroundings take into consideration the next week forecast (10.22-10.26) [ Silicon chromium ] the chromium product on 26th the quotation compiles [ Silicon chromium ] the chromium product on 25th the quotation compiles [ Silicon chromium ] the chromium product on 30th the quotation compiles [ Silicon chromium ] the chromium product on 1st the quotation compiles [ Silicon chromium ] chromium product surroundings take into consideration the next week forecast (10.29-11.2) [ Silicon chromium ] the chromium product on 31st the quotation compiles [ Silicon chromium ] the chromium product on 2nd the quotation compiles Nitrides the ferrochrome enterprise to recommend Nitrides the ferrochrome enterprise name list Ningbo silver hundred million imports and exports limited companies On Haixing Peng metal alloy limited company Changchun three prestige special weldings material limited company Chengdu brightly reaches the trade limited company On smelts the metallurgy furnace charge limited company The Sichuan Guanghan city climbs the prosperous metallurgy furnace charge limited company Jiangsu crane all electric appliance limited company The Xin collects the nitrided factory Henan city ferroalloy furnace charge company Jiangsu Yancheng crane all ferroalloy electric appliance limited company Nitrides the ferrochrome produce market analysis to be more 11-02 silicon chromium | chromium product surroundings take into consideration the next week forecast (10.29- 11-02 silicon chromium | chromium product on 2nd the quotation compiles 11-01 silicon chromium | chromium product on 1st the quotation compiles 10-31 silicon chromium | chromium product on 31st the quotation compiles 10-30 silicon chromium | chromium product on 30th the quotation compiles 10-26 silicon chromium | chromium product surroundings take into consideration the next week forecast (10.22- 10-26 silicon chromium | chromium product on 26th the quotation compiles 10-25 silicon chromium | chromium product on 25th the quotation compiles 10-19 silicon chromium | chromium product surroundings take into consideration the next week forecast (10.15- 10-19 silicon chromium | on 19th the chromium product quotation compiles 10-18 silicon chromium | on October 18 the chromium product quotation compiles 10-17 silicon chromium | on October 17 the chromium product quotation compiles 10-16 silicon chromium | on October 16 the chromium is the product quotation compiles 10-15 silicon chromium | on October 15 the chromium is the product quotation compiles 10-12 silicon chromium | chromium is alloy surroundings takes into consideration the next week forecast (10.8 Nitrides the ferrochrome product domestic area price (to compile) are more 11-02 nitrides the ferrochrome | nation main area on 2nd to nitride the ferrochrome price 11-01 nitrides the ferrochrome | nation main area on 1st to nitride the ferrochrome price 10-31 nitrides the ferrochrome | nation main area on 31st to nitride the ferrochrome price 10-30 nitrides the ferrochrome | nation main area on 30th to nitride the ferrochrome price 10-29 nitrides the ferrochrome | nation main area on 29th to nitride the ferrochrome price 10-26 nitrides the ferrochrome | nation main area on 26th to nitride the ferrochrome price 10-25 nitrides the ferrochrome | nation main area on 25th to nitride the ferrochrome price 10-24 nitrides the ferrochrome | on 24th the national main area to nitride the ferrochrome price 10-23 nitrides the ferrochrome | on 23rd the national main area to nitride the ferrochrome price 10-22 nitrides the ferrochrome | on 22nd the national main area to nitride the ferrochrome price 10-19 nitrides the ferrochrome | on 19th the national main area to nitride the ferrochrome price 10-18 nitrides the ferrochrome | on October 18 the national main area to nitride the ferrochrome price 10-17 nitrides the ferrochrome | on October 17 the national main area to nitride the ferrochrome price 10-16 nitrides the ferrochrome | on October 16 the national main area to nitride the ferrochrome price 10-15 nitrides the ferrochrome | on October 15 the national main area to nitride the ferrochrome price Nitrides the ferrochrome to ask to buy the information to be more 09-05 chromic salt | elder asks to buy the chromium is a product 06-18 arrowhead used in ancient times | purchases the tungsten steel powder hard alloy waste material 05-28 chromic salt | asks to buy the chromium is a product Nitrides the ferrochrome supply information to be more 11-03 nitrides the ferrochrome | merchant to supply micro, low, center the carbon ferrochrome nitrides the ferrochrome 11-02 nitrides the ferrochrome | merchant to supply micro, low, center the carbon ferrochrome nitrides the ferrochrome 11-01 nitrides the ferrochrome | merchant to supply micro, low, center the carbon ferrochrome nitrides the ferrochrome 10-30 nitrides the ferrochrome | merchant to supply micro, low, center the carbon ferrochrome nitrides the ferrochrome 10-30 nitrides the ferrochrome | Jiangsu crane all to nitride the ferrochrome massive sales 10-27 nitrides the ferrochrome | merchant to supply micro, low, center the carbon ferrochrome nitrides the ferrochrome 10-26 nitrides the ferrochrome | Jiangsu crane all massive selling well to nitride the ferrochrome 10-25 nitrides the ferrochrome | merchant to supply micro, low, center carbon ferrochrome nitriding chromium 10-24 nitrides in the ferrochrome | long-term on-hand merchandise supply, is low, the micro carbon ferrochrome 10-24 nitrides the ferrochrome | Jiangsu crane all massive selling well to nitride the ferrochrome 10-20 nitrides the ferrochrome | merchant to supply micro, low, center carbon ferrochrome nitriding chromium 10-19 nitrides the ferrochrome | long-term supply to nitride the ferrochrome 10-17 nitrides the ferrochrome | specialized production factory to supply micro Low Center carbon ferrochrome 10-15 nitrides the ferrochrome | Jiangsu crane all to nitride the ferrochrome selling well to rush to purchase 10-11 nitrides the ferrochrome | Jiangsu crane all to nitride the ferrochrome selling well to rush to purchase Nitrides the ferrochrome news information to be more 09-29 stibium | Ningbo silver hundred million imports and exports limited companies introduce 06-14 nitrides the ferrochrome | home biggest nitriding new material base in the fine valley 05-24 nickel ore | should initiate the home to the chromium nickel ore resources operation risk 04-03 silicon chromium | stainless steel output increase initiation chromium supply is anxious 03-14 silicon chromium | in 2007 Chinese ferrochrome import forecast 03-07 nitrides the ferrochrome | Indian government to force to levy the chrome ore exportation customs duty 03-07 silicon chromium | Samancor starts to purchase the chrome ore to produce the ferrochrome 03-06 silicon chromium | 07 years in January China low-carbon ferrochrome minute nationality import quantity 03-06 silicon chromium | 07 years in January China high carbon ferrochrome minute nationality import quantity 03-06 silicon chromium | 07 years in January China ferrochrome (C: < =4%) minute nationality 03-06 silicon chromium | 07 years in January China ferrochrome (C: > 4%) minute nationality 03-06 silicon chromium | 07 years in January China chromium ore concentrate minute nationality import quantity 03-06 silicon chromium | 07 years in January China minute nationality exportation quantity 01-31 silicon chromium | in December, 2006 China exports the sodium bichromate statistics 01-31 silicon chromium | in December, 2006 China exports the chromium trioxide statistics Nitrides the ferrochrome technical data to be more 01-18 atomic absorption spectrographic methods continuously determine in the metallic silicon the copper, 09-25 chromium - unique essential factor 05-25 new chromium manganese tungsten anti- rubs the cast iron to rub the ball to develop successfully 04-08 People's Republic of China country standard nitrides ferrochrome GB5 03-06 People's Republic of China ferrous metallurgy profession standard nitriding Tungsten tungsten ore concentrate tungsten chemical industry tungsten deep processing tungsten gold Molybdenum molybdenum oxide molybdenum ore concentrate molybdenum chemical industry molybdenum deep processing Vanadium ferovanadium vanadium pentoxide metavanadic acid ammonium vanadium raw material Silicon ferrosilicon metallic silicon Manganese silicon manganese ferromanganese metal manganese manganese ore rich manganese dregs manganese chemical industry The chromium ferrochrome nitrides the ferrochrome chrome ore silicon chromium chromic salt Multi- Yuan Guigai silicon barium silicon chromium Rare earth rare earth magnesium silicon rare earth silicon thin native ores rare earth compound rare-earth metal Nickel nickel ferro-nickel iron nickel ore Titanium ferrotitanium titanium ore rutile titanium dregs sponge titanium titanium material waste titanium material titanium tetrachloride titanium oxide powder Non-ferrous metal copper selenium aluminum zinc cobalt lead magnesium stibium tin arsenic bismith cadmium germanium indium iridium mercury ruthenium rhodium platinum arrowhead used in ancient times Tantalum niobium columbium oxide niobium ore tantalum Phosphorus phosphorus ore Boron About us Invites the person with outstanding ability Member registration Joins a society the contract Privacy statement Advertizing service Payment method Contact method Information feedback Stand map Cooperation stand Language: English | Chinese Simplified | Chinese Traditional | Japanese | Korean Consultation hot line: 028-85241643 85.241645 million facsimiles: 028-85241643-808 email: © 2003- 2,007 Chinese ferroalloy on-line all rights reserved. Without the written permission prohibition reprint, the offender must investigate. Copyright (C) 2003- 2,007 CNFEOL.COM NETWORK. All Rights Reserved Suchuan ICP prepares 05.012965 million telecommunication and the information service account executive permit serial number: Sichuan B2-20050253 this company produces the processing dioxide molybdenum fora long time , the trioxide molybdenum , the personal status above 45%, each target is qualified, the welcome persons from all walks of life come the electricity discussion... Shaanxi will industrious industry limited company.. Performance: This machine is suitable for: The plaster of Paris, , the ground phosporite, the ceramic powder, the zinc oxide, the powdered iron, thealuminum powdered ore, the golden ore, the aluminum oxide, the yellow red lead, the molybdenum fine powder... the metal molybdenum smelting and the deep processing project two, the project constructs the place: Yellowocean mining area Third, construction content: Annual production molybdenum series product 1,824 tons Fourth, construction condition: Along with world economics.. These industries development will urge the molybdenum produce market the demand massive increase. This project bases on the yellow ocean mining area molybdenum ore resources, pulls the long industrial chain link, makes the big molybdenum product. Mining area at present... [ molybdenum powder ] on 22nd the molybdenum product quotation to compile [ molybdenum powder ] on 23rd the molybdenum product quotation to compile [ molybdenum powder ] the molybdenum product on 26th the quotation to compile [ molybdenum powder ] on 24th the molybdenum product quotation to compile [ molybdenum powder ] the molybdenum product on 30th thequotation to compile [ molybdenum powder ] the molybdenum product on 29th the quotation to compile [ molybdenum powder ] themolybdenum product on 25th the quotation to compile [ molybdenum powder ] the molybdenum product market slow vanguard [ the molybdenum powder...

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question detailed information - I works in September 27, 2007 to Chenggu Countyarbitrates the

arbitration committee to make 2 times of decisions, to? The matter sends the time: 2007.9.27 matters send the place: The Hanzhong city Chenggu matter sends the process: I work the arbitration committee in September 27, 2007 to Chenggu County to hand in the application, h leitmotif olds court in October 23, to make opposite party to absent the arbitration , I sign calligraphy and painting India, when 2 days, takes t perceptive he arbitration book, the arbitration beginning committee informs 12 day again... arbitration legal document to touch on foreign affairs the arbitration requisition economic contract dispute to arbitrate the requisition arbitration consulting contract dispute to arbitrate the written notice Lienyungang arbitration committee to arbitrate the rule enterprise legal person to go bankrupt repays a debt the requisition (to be suitable to debtor's requisition form) arbitrates the reply book arbitration requisition arbitration reply book economic contract dispute to arbitrate the requisition non- lawsuit legal document... arbitration provision potency struggle bill award 2002.05.207 houses rent the contract dispute arbitration document award 2002.05.108 about the joint capital contract in arbitration provision.. Business contract loans payment dispute arbitration document award 2001.11.1616 rents a room the agreement to dispute the arbitration document award 2001.11.1317 national debts return buy the dispute arbitration document... links up are: The organization intellectual property rights expert carries on in front of the courtyard to mediate, the arbitration courtyard holds a court hearing, under arbitrates the book, finally enforces. At present, will save the intellectual property rights bureau and the Xi'an arbitration committee already establishes the coordination leading group, the Xi'an arbitration committee has set up the intellectual property rights arbitration professional contingent and the intellectual property rights arbitrates the expert inquiry board's. (Reporter Chen Li)... the

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[ on November 3 ] [ wolf race East film and television ] ] [ 11 ] [ had measured ] Eastern classica

has accepted Ge Man suggestion, found England playwright concurrently writer of fiction Jan Gaud is graceful (Jane Goldman ), she not only relies on the novel "Dreamland" (Dreamland) to become in the new generation of writer richest creativity, "Jan Gaud's Graceful Memoir" (Jane Goldman Investigates) center... Goldman Sachs Business Book of the Year Award). "Final Big shot" "vivid" described "the whole world mostto go against the level also the most mystical investment bank" Lazardis gigantic, extremely directs the person curious development course. In last night at the promulgation evening banquet which held to London, William branch Chinese this work won 30,000 pounds (to gather 61,500 US dol lar... famously throws the line excellently ( Goldman Sachs) the economist Thursday to point out, in the short-term whole world growth prospect not bright situation, now is not the change HK dollar exchanges US dollar relation exchange rate the opportune moment, moreover the decision changes this mechanism the political motive quite to be also low. Excellent Asian economy research department economist Feng Yinnuo indicated in the memoir that, the HK dollar recently (Chinese most greatly earliest...

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Meistersinger ...2,003 cases against nationwide auto insurance company Said, in July 22, 2,007 @ 1:45 2003 cases against nationwide auto insurance company... Canopy recessive frankly.forestallment.discussions! ... Woman motor... Meistersinger von Nrnberg to download to the handset broadcast downloads 11.2 M mp3 2,217 Prelude No 1/ Y: N "? M5 the l8foreign land forum downloads to the handset broadcast downlo patriotic ads 2.9 M mp3 23 Prelude To Act From "Carmen the" result to provide The Great March On... Meistersinger +Mussorgsky:Morgendä Mmerung ber der Moskwa Leningrad PO, Mravinsky * Label: Erato, ADD, 1964-1984 * Bestellnummer: 9.832758 million EUR 47,99* Erato... Meistersinger von Nrnberg: Act 3 "Morgenlicht leuchtend im rosigen Schein" [ Walther ] this label popularity: 0 is connected the singer: 1 person is connected the special edition: 1 conn postmultiply ection product special edition: 0 connections programs: 1 is connected MV:0 from the group philharmonic orchestra: 0 connections bean or sweet potato starch noodles: 0 people are connected the news: 0...

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